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Taking Charge~ Another Vote?

Hey all my lovely readers! Today is the finishing touches for my book tour with Mandy and her book Taking Charge. It's been a great week, hasn't it? We have 3 things going on today!

1. Taking Charge is full of words. Sure. I know you are thinking, All books are full of words, right? Well this book may just surprise you. You see, Robyn uses words that just don't make any "sense" because they are unfamiliar with her friends. So today, if you know of any words that are "different" where you live, please let me know.

For instance, where I am from, we start the car. But I have friends who crank the car. I say french fries, but I have friends who chips. (So does Robyn, by the way)

What about you? What can you add to my dictionary?

2. Real quick! Where is the most romantic place you could think of meeting your husband for the very first time? What about the most unusual or weird place?

I say, the most romantic would be the beach!

The weirdest? How about the bathroom? (I do know of a girl who met her future husband in the restroom. The had to go, really bad, and the mens room was open so she took a chance no one would come, but, she was wrong:)

What about you?

3. Let's finish up our vote for the wedding scrapbook page. Here are the choices we received:
 Prince William and Kate wedding style (Regal)
A toned-down blue and red with touches of white
Red and black color theme.

I need your votes today. Lots to do I know, but if you can take the time to vote and add to the dictionary, I sure would appreciate it:) Once the votes are in, I'll create the new scrapbook page!


  1. 1. I had so much fun explaining UK words to the lovely editors at Sapphire Star! I think they thought I was making up a whole new language! It's amazing how we all speak English but it's so different! The whole pants/trousers thing gets me every time!

    2. I think the most romantic meetings are completely random ones that take you both by surprise. We know Cole and Robyn meet at an airport completely by chance! I like it when two people end up at the same place at the same time by coincidence or maybe Fate - that's romance!

    3.I'm going for the regal theme here - well it is Jubilee year for the Queen and we have the Olympics coming up too!

  2. 1. I know a lot of Arabic words and some French, but I doubt those will help you much...
    2. I guess the most romantic place would be at the end of a rescue line while you're dangling over a cliff. The worst? In a courtroom if he's the prosecuting you for some crime.
    3. I vote Regal.
    Good luck!

  3. 1. Bum-bag! US: Fanny-bag?? Can never get my head around that.

    2. When he arrests her for soliciting. Eeek!

    3. Regal. Has to be. Black and white as a theme could look quite nice, but I just don't know about the blue, red and white.

  4. 1. In our house we liven up the boring word, oatmeal, and make it "oap-a-meal". Also, there's "stitchaly" to describe the pins and needles feeling your foot gets when it falls asleep :)

    2. Gotta throw in a vote for the beach as the most romantic place...I first told my now-husband I loved him as we stood in the Pacific Ocean!

    3. I suck at crafts and have no color choice style whatsoever, so I'll have to pass on this one :)

    Christi Corbett

  5. My little brother used to ask for "bome bome" which was MILK!

    Most romantic spot to meet you future husband? The beach!
    Most unusual? the jailhouse!

    My wedding was red and black, so I am voting for the red/black theme.

  6. Wow! The site looks great. So patriotic! :)

  7. In Australia, if you say you are stuffed, it means ou are expecting a baby:)

    I met my husband at an evening beach party.
    The weirdest place to meet your boyfriend would be the funeral house.

    I vote for the Regal wedding theme.

  8. I might be too late for the vote, but...

    In my neck of the woods, we say "it's spitting" when it's barely raining (we also say "neck of the woods").

    Most romantic place? somewhere totally unexpected, like in line at the DMV or at a roadside peaches stand.

    Least romantic? Getting a colonoscopy, maybe?

    I'd go Royal Wedding.


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