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CQ Carnival Roller Coaster Now Open!

I am so looking forward to today's CQ Carnival booth opening! We have a mystery interview! That's right! I am NOT telling you who this fabulous author is. You have to guess! 
So, if you are brave enough to throw a guess out, that means you will need to comment, which means you will earn a ticket for the end of the Carnival drawing. Free books, people, free books! So why not grab yourself a ticket, or two because you can earn two tickets today. Or you can earn many tickets. No matter how many times you comment on ANY CQ Carnival booth, you earn another ticket for the drawings taking place at the end of the Carnival. Woot! Woot! 

The other way to earn a ticket is by telling me about the ROLLER COASTER RIDE as the life of an author. What kinds of ups and downs have you experienced? Any loop-de-loops? Upside down turns? Sudden drop offs or slow uphill battles? Share your roller coaster ride with me.
 What advice can you offer to aspiring authors? Is only to hang on for dear life and make the ride with your eyes glued shut, screaming your head off? Or is there something more, something worth all the ups and downs? Please share!
 Because no one volunteered to host this booth ( I do have two more hosts that are for sure coming up in the next two weeks as hosts, and I still have openings if you have a character you would like to see spotlighted. Let me know!) I have another character from one of my WIP.

Her name is Star and she is the Head Master in the Training Facility of the Guardian Elite.

I'm sure you will know why Sailor thinks she's a great friend, but not so much a great leader. What can you guess about her personality just by looking at her picture? Please tell me what you think!

Okay, Star. We are ready for our Mystery Author Interview. Let the questions begin!
 (Name removed), how long have you been writing?
Since I was 8. Oh, you mean novels;-) 3 yrs!!!

Did you go through much rejection before signing with CQ?
Yessssssss! I had 55 rejections, all from agents. Only 9 of those agents actually requested a partial or full so yeah, not even a 10% success rate. I suck at writing queries and at knowing where to start my story. I think I'm improving on the latter.

What are your thoughts about writing contests?
LOVE them! Ultimately, that's where my publishing contract came from when blogger buddy Sharon Bayliss hosted her CQ contest at the end of May. Even if you don't get a request, any type of contest provides loads of valuable feedback.

Can you tell us three things about your MC, Olga, that no one else knows.
Her favorite beverage is chocolate drizzled mocha-ambrosia espresso with whipped topping.
She thinks her glasses make her look like a female version of Harry Potter.
Her favorite song is Time of Your Life by Green Day

What is your ultimate writing resource every writer should own... And use?
Can I name two?
Techniques of the Selling Writer by writing guru Dwight V. Swain . . . really shows you how to get a story under way.
Sin and Syntax {How to craft wickedly effective prose} by Constance Hale . . . toted as the "hippest grammar guide ever written."


  1. I know! Although I don't think it's fair for me to guess. It was a thinker even for me.

  2. AAaahh! I thought you would figure this one out!

  3. Is it Jamie Ayres?

    I'd share my roller coaster ride. But I'm in a low point right now where I get so much positive from readers and nothing but rejections (albeit nice ones) from agents/publishers.

    1. We are sharing the same ride right now, dear. I'm ready for the slow climb UP!

  4. I think I may know!

    I'm riding high because I just finished my rewrite. I'll hit my editing low in about two weeks. :)

    1. Emily, the highs are fantastic! The lows, not so:(

  5. Can I guess & earn a ticket;-) Oh boy, ups are definitely the actual writing part and downs are the edits. Love seeing how your CQ Carnival works!!

  6. Thanks Jamie! I'm so glad you participated! So far, it's been a blast having all these booths and rides.

  7. My rollercoaster ride is coasting along the tracks - lol. I'm currently revising.

  8. what a cute interview! really get into the character's head and hear her voice!

    a good story is like a rollercoaster ride, building tension up the first hill, creating excitement with twists and turns and unexpected drop offs with the most exciting loop de loop at the end and a slow down for wrap up to sadly get off and say, "let's do it again!"


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