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CQ Carnival-Krystal Wade: Interview!!

As I have previously stated, much to my dismay, most of my posting will be delayed until I have my computer back from repairs. Nothing major. But with no Apple store close by, we had to ship somewhere far away ( do you miss me as much as I miss you?)

I had the honor of "talking to" Krystal Wade. We discussed her writing, her editing and a few of her habbits. But listen to me when you can listen to her? She's the author of Wilde's Fire and Wilde's Army and it won't be long until book 3 will be available through Curiosity Quills Press! Yay!!

Krystal does have a character who will be hosting a booth in the carnival. Flanna will be taking care of our House of Mirrors (just as soon as I have my computer back.) So be on the lookout for that!

Okay Krystal, the blog is all yours! Take it away:)

1. How do you juggle your time between writing and editing? Do you have a schedule?
   I don't have a schedule but probably need one. Most days I just do what I feel is the right thing. If I'm inspired to write, I write. If I'm more concerned about helping others--which seems to be a lot lately--I help others. I love editing. I get to read so many books and point authors in the right direction.

2. Which is your favorite: writing or editing?
    I'm a writer. As much as I like to edit, I really enjoy the creative imagination I have. So, mostly, I'd prefer to be lost in my own worlds.

3. I know it's been asked before, but what do you look for when when reading a manuscript? What makes a story stand out?
   Clean writing aside, I like books with strong character POV and amazing world building. I love feeling as though I'm RIGHT there with the characters. In their homes, experiencing everything as they do. 

4. What type of stories do you want to see in your inbox? Contemporary? Fantasy? Historical?
   I love magic. I love epic battles between good and evil. I love asteroids and comets. Why hasn't anyone written a story about a comet being in love with the planet earth? Huh?! Just kidding . . . sort of. So, I'll read anything, but I love stories with some sort of paranormal-type twist.

5. When you read a manuscript that is close to what you would like to represent but doesn't quite make the grade, what do you do?
   I fret. Reading a manuscript with tons of potential but "just not there" execution is one of the hardest things as a acquisitions editor. I don't want to let the book go, but I know if I approach and author with an "We want to contract you, but . . ." I may never hear from them again. So, I hope and pray the hours I put into reading the book, the days worth of deliberation and editing points I put into an e-mail, and the countless chats between me and CQ's owner won't all be for nothing. Then I wait to see if the author is receptive to constructive criticism. Most are. Some never respond.

6. Please tell us about your favorite character from your book. 
   Flanna. She's spunky and sarcastic, but always has a way of making Kate feel better. Flanna suffers a lot through the second and third books, and there may be times when others can't stand her, but she will always be one of Kate's closest friends, and therefore, able to make her happy in the darkest times.

7. Was it more difficult writing the sequel or the first book? 
   Book two was EASY as pie. Book three, the final installment, well, that's a different story. ;-)


  1. A very helpful post. Krystal, your advice is greatly appreciated and absorbed. Thanks for being willing to share.

    1. Authors have to be willing to help each other. :-)

  2. This author seems to be on a lot of blog's at the moment so it was great to read a review from her, especially as I just downloaded her first two books onto my kindle, although my kindle is pretty crammed at the moment, it just makes it so easy to get books lol.
    It's also interesting to read as I just had my first book Insane Reno published and have been asked to do an authors meet and greet, so it's interesting to see the sort of questions that I might be asked so thank you for sharing.
    love and hugs Joss xxx

    1. Thank you for downloading my books. I hope--and pray--that you love them, or at least enjoy them a little bit. :-P

      You definitely want to participate in blog interviews and such! I'd love to hear aobut your book. Is it YA?

  3. Love Krystal. Love her work and talent. I think I've read all her interviews and never tire from hearing about her imagination and what her work entails being a CQ editor :) Thanks!

  4. Thanks for loving magic, and thanks for sparing some time away from writing to help out fellow authors. I'm a huge *Krystal Wade* fan ☆♥

  5. Yay for Krystal Wade! Editor of the Year in my book:-) Am impatiently awaiting book 3!!!


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