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Celebrate the small things...

Man! Time goes by so fast! I can't believe it's Friday already! Today, I celebrate one small thing. I am happy I have a warm, dry house. Which, if you think about it, it's not a small thing. So, I love my home and my family and I am thankful for that. What about you? Thanks Vikki for hosting:)

Pixar's Blog Challenge #3

I know. I'm late today. But smile now, because #3 is here! What does it say? See the original list here: Story Sketches #3: Trying for theme is important, but you won’t see what the story is actually about til you’re at the end of it. Now rewrite. Theme. Do you always start a story with a theme? I must admit my goal has always been: What message do I want to portray in my story? Now, I'll admit the hard hitting truth. My theme usually changes, evolves or CHANGES as I write. Why? Because when I first start on a story, I don't know my characters very well. As I write, I learn more about why they do the things they do and as I grow closer to them, I learn secret things about them. These things often change my theme because when I thought "he" was a forgiving person, my theme was forgiveness. I soon discovered "he" held grudges and found it impossible to forgive, so my theme changed from forgiveness to redemption. My point? I agree 100% with poin

WIP'ed Ink Wednesday

Blogging Challenge: Pixars Story Basics #2 I have signed up to blog along with a few other bloggers (their links are at the bottom of this post. PLEASE visit them if you get  chance!) and I thought it would be a wonderful addition and help for writing advice. There are 22 sketches, so it will take several days to get through them all. I hope you enjoy! The original list can be found here: Story Shots I missed yesterday's Day #1, which was admiring a character because he tried more than because he was successful. I will try and make that one up later. IF not, Well, then I guess I missed #1. Oops! So today, day #2, the point is: Keep in mind that what's interesting to you as a writer may not be as interesting to the audience. This may be a hard one to grasp, initially. What? You mean everyone may not think my idea is fantastic? They won't all flock to buy my book by the hundreds, no thousands? Really? It's true. Grin and bear it, dear writer. While your writin

Celebrate the Small Things...

It's Friday again and time to talk about the little things I appreciate. What could make for a better weekend then to start it off with a thankful heart? 1. I've gotten a partial request from an agent as a result of WriteOnCon! You can see my entry here... WriteOnCon 2. I received an R&R from another agent. 3. Tonight is movie night, so that means I get to relax with hubby and enjoy some family time. I can't wait! 4. My son made a A+ on one of his phonics tests. The first one ever!!!! 5. I've joined the A to Z Challenge, inspired by Alex J Cavanaugh (that is, I was inspired by Alex to join) and Blog Blitz. DL Hammons (of Write Club fabulousness) I think it's going to be a fantastic way of making some new friends! My Big Welcome posts for each of these next week! What about you? What brought a smile to your face this week?

WIP'ed Ink Wednesday: Prophecy Girl Review

I chose to do a book review today for WIP'ed Ink because I can not stress enough the importance of reading to help improve your writing. I actually read a book that was outside my favorite genres, and I am so glad I did! Here's what I had to say about it: PROPHECY GIRL, by Cecily White --> Paranormal is usually not my cup of tea. I love ghost stories, though, and stories dealing with angels. So, when I got the awesome opportunity to review Prophecy Girl by Cecily White for Pam, I jumped at the chance. Why? Because I wanted to see what this genre was all about, I love YA books, and I wanted to stretch my horizons, go out on a limb, and go for the gold. I’m certainly glad I did! I did have to get past the vampires and demons. I’m just being honest here, okay? But… beyond that, this book has a treat in store for you! The action is non-stop. The plot lines just flows, then pops, then sizzles, then flows again. I was never lost, never wished for things

Lose Until You Win

           So I’m going to get a little philosophical for my post this week. I think as writers in the query trenches, whether you’re querying something new or taking a break to write something you plan on querying, that we place too much weight on the end goal of being published.             But wait! Don’t get me wrong. Just like every other writer out there, I dream of being published one day. Not only is it a dream for me, it’s a goal. It’s the boon at the end of my journey. It’s the thing I want most in this wacky world I call home. And I want it not just for me, but for someone else as well. Someone who no longer can achieve our shared goal.                 So please, hear me out. Last year around this time, I heard about a local writers conference. I spent the next week prepping my novel for it, thinking I had this great shot at landing an agent. I spent an entire week doing nothing but that, and when I got to the conference, I found I was grossly underprepared.

Celebrating the Small Things and Final Show Off Day

Vikki, you've been such a doll during this blog hop . I want to start the celebrations by saying thank you for being so kind and sweet! I now look forward to Friday and often find myself thinking about the "small things" during the week and being more thankful:) Today, I have so much to mention, let's just get started! 1. I'm thankful for Vikki, who started this whole thing anyway. 2. I'm thankful to everyone who takes time out of their busy life to visit Ink in the Book! 3. Guess what? I am now a Writer's Assistant for the awesome Kate Brauning! You can read all about her introductions here. She made me blush:) 4. Aaannnddd.... I'd like to announce my new job as Editorial Intern for Entranced Publishing! For which I am completely excited to be part of Entranced!! Last, but certainly not least, today is the day for those involved in the SHOW OFF workshop to post their new, edited show off piece of writing. Rules: it must be the same pi

Wednesday's WIP: Fanfiction & Showing, Not Telling

           Hey guys! It's Jess, and I'm here to talk about what I learned from writing fanfiction, specifically in the areas of showing and not telling. But before I do, I want to remind everyone that you can still post your 250 words or any question you have on today's post and  tomorrow's! Then, on Friday, post your revised 250 words for a chance to win a first page critique from Carrie Pestritto of Prospect Agency! Are you the biggest SHOW OFF?            Now, about fanfiction and this week's workshop... as my writing skills are always a work in progress.             I know what you’re thinking. “No, not another fanfiction post!” But hear me out!             I started writing fanfiction before I ever started writing anything original. Of course, back then, I didn’t know what fanfiction was or even what to do with it. Since then, I’ve alternated with writing original fiction and fanfiction for a single purpose: it helps me learn how to write better.

Tuesday's Tinted Ink SHOW OFF!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's workshop. I'm going to get right into today's class! But just to remind you, you can still post today (or in yesterday's post) for a chance to enter the first page critique from Carrie Pestritto of Prospect Agency. The point of the workshop is for you to take a piece of your writing - up to 250 words - and after the workshop, take what you have learned and and apply to it your writing. On Friday, post your revised version and the the biggest SHOW OFF wins!! For today, here's what we've got: We are talking about emotions:) When writing, it's so easy to describe your character's emotions with words that YOU as the author may be feeling. Or you may want to express feelings and write in a way that YOU want the reader to grasp or feel. But showing feelings is just like showing details. Let me explain. Your character may have been traumatized, and you write, using words that express the feelings you want to portray. You

Monday's Mixed Ink Show off

I've really, really been looking forward to this week! I'm so happy to see YOU here! Flickr link This week is all about being a show off. I know we've all heard that phrase, "Stop being a show off!" right? Well, in writing, you've got to be a show off. Yes, there are times when tell is better or more appropriate, but I've heard it over and over again, SHOW, DON"T TELL. I'll be honest. At first, I just didn't want to listen. After all, writing a story was TELLING a story and how do you tell a story if you don't "tell" huh? Even after I studied article after article and book after book about what showing is, I still don't have it completely down, but I'm working on it. After receiving FIVE different critiques, with two of them from agents, and all of them saying "You have too much telling in your writing" I decided it was time to learn what that meant:) So, I'm hosting a SHOW OFF workshop and gues

Celebrate The Small Things

Hey guys! I'm posting on my phone today so I'll be short and sweet:) Remember last weekend when I said my son and his fiancé were in staying with me, planning their wedding? Well this weekend, my OTHER son and his fiancé are staying with us, planning their wedding!! Busy year for me! Two weddings and a new grand baby! WooHoo!! Have a great weekend beautiful guys and dolls. I promise to visit everyone's blog later. As soon as I have stable Internet:)

WIP'ed Ink on Thursday

Hey all you beautiful guys and dolls! I know. I missed yesterday. So sorry, guys! We had a fantastic "How I Got My Agent" blog post. Plus, I forgot it was the first Wednesday of the the month, which means ISWG day! I didn't want to post too much stuff at one time. Thank goodness you guys are so understanding and patient:) I'm so excited to announce the Show Off Workshop ! Showing vs. Telling. I thought I had this all figured out, but after a couple of critiques from agents and they all saying the same thing, I decided it was time to learn to be a show off instead of everyone telling on me:) So, here's the details: There will be 5 mini classes. Each class will discuss a separate aspect for showing off. Here's the list! 1. Show off Your Details 2. Get All Emotional 3. Helping Your Reader Be a Show off 4. Understanding a Show off 5. Show off Specifically Good This workshop is running all next week, Monday thru Friday. And everyone who participat

How I Got My Agent

Good morning from the Investigator, aka Naomi Hughes! Last week I was honored to join Team Fury, headed by the amazing Louise Fury of the L. Perkins Agency. Here's how it happened. I’ve always been a lover of stories, especially young adult books “with a twist.” Something about them is addictive: the humor, the unexpected poignancy, the impossible romances. They’ve been my staple for over a decade now, even when I felt guilty for reading about werewolves and angels while my college friends were reading *insert stuffy voice* “important literature.” I’ve always loved making my own stories, too. Writing is my passion, but after a while I kind of stopped dreaming. It was too hard, and I wasn’t good enough—or so the little voice in my head kept saying. I wrote a few for-fun books in junior high and high school, but things dried up in the cynicism of college and, later, during my attempts to find a “real” job. I tried journalism, photography, secretarial work, and librarianship,

ISWG March Post

You can click here, at Alex's blog , for a list of other participants, and visit an AWESOME blog. This month has been a roller coaster of emotions for me as a writer. I joined and few contest and won. In one contest, I advanced to the 2nd round, but did not win the agent round. In another, I won up to the agent round, but didn't get an agent comment. So, I feel in between the lines. Yay, for advancing some. Boo for not making it to the top. And by top, I mean at least getting an agent request. But I am really not depressed about this. The reason is I learned something very, VERY valuable that has improved my writing immensely! Yes, I still need to improve. I am a firm believer that you never stop learning. As for insecurities this month, I honestly don't know what to say. I want to stay positive. Smile. Nod with that reassuring peace that it will happen one day. And it will. I know it will. The process may take a while and the road may be lond and hard, but the en

And the Winners Are...

Hey everyone, Write Eye here. I hope everyone's week is going well! I'm here to announce the winners of our Ink Party Giveaways! I won't babble on for long, so don't worry. I know you all want to know who won :) AMAZON GIFTCARD Winner: Acadia Otlowski THE INVESTIGATOR'S QUERY LETTER CRITIQUE Connie Michael THE CURATOR's Query + First 250 WORD S Krystal Marquis PATCHWORK PRINCESS' FIRST PAGE CRITIQUE Aldrea Alien WRITE EYE'S PITCH CRITIQUES 1. Prerna Pickett 2. Katie Teller 3. Nancy LaRonda Johnson CONTEMP GIRL'S STARBUCKS GIFT CARD T.J. INK GIRL'S INSPIRATION PDF Amy Cantor Pine All of the winners should have received an email by their respective giveaway's host yesterday (Monday). If for some reason you didn't, please leave a comment down below. We thank everyone again for entering. All of us here at Bound By Ink are so  excited to sta

How I Found My Agent

Happy Monday, everyone! We hope you all had fun meeting the team during our blog party. The winners of our giveaways have been chosen and will be revealed on the blog tomorrow! And now, here’s my “How I Found My Agent” story (I hope you like it!):   “How I Found My Agent” stories hold a special place in my heart. They sustained me through some of the more difficult moments, when the rejections felt like they were piling up, when I wondered if I was really meant to do this whole writing thing or if I should have just gone to law school like my dad wanted. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE writing. If I go a day without writing, I get extremely cranky and my husband knows to steer clear. But we all have those moments full of self-doubt, when we just need to be reminded that it WILL happen for us, we just don’t know when. I started writing seriously (with the intention of getting published) three years ago, during Spring Quarter of my senior year in college. My first two manuscripts

Monday's Mixed Ink

Hey you beautiful Guys and Dolls! I'm so excited about the new writing group Bound By Ink! There's a nice variety of genres represented by each writer and we all have our own individual talents and strengths. I have great dreams for my new team!! Today, we'll be featuring an awesomely wonderful post on HOW I GOT MY AGENT. Not me, guys. I'm still in the query trenches! But THE CURATOR will be telling us all the juicy details about how she got her great agent. You don't want to miss it! She's posting early this afternoon. I'm so excited! Since mixed ink posts are about a variety of subjects, today, I thought I'd share a few links about agents since Chelsea will be posting agent stuff. Enjoy these interviews and links! YA Misfits Adventures in YA Writing The Writers Lens

Meet the Bound By Ink Writers Group!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the big reveal of a wonderful writers group,  and we call ourselves   Bound by Ink! a Rafflecopter giveaway JESS HARVEY aka WRITE EYE Hi! I’m WriteEye, aka Jess Harvey. WriteEye is the punny name I used for our old group, but I kind of became attached to it so it stuck. I write YA & NA Fantasy and Science Fiction, so I guess the pirates theme wraps it all together: pirates existed in real life, fantasy and in sci-fi! My current WIP is seaQuest DSV meets The Guardians of Time. It centers on the descendant of Atlantean rebels who would rather run a show with her rock band in Boston than fight an age-old war, and the engineering intern on a top-secret submarine who has enough secrets of his own to drown them all. I came to Bound By Ink from our previous incarnation of a WanWc (Write a Novel With Cupid) team. I will be heading up giveaways and some of our Twitter work. For our Blog Party I am giving away THREE pitch critiq

Celebrate The Small Things AND Bound by Ink!

Today is HUGE! Thank you, Vikki , for hosting such an awesome blog hop. I'm sorry I forgot last week to post. By the time I remembered it was Friday, it was too late to post. Oh, the joys of getting old...hehe! What am I celebrating today? 1. My son's fiance came down for the weekend and we are talking weddings stuff all weekend! 2. I had a fabulous birthday on Tuesday! 3. Today, I am celebrating the the blog launch of Writers Unite, Bound By Ink! There are 6 of us who are members and we will each be posting THREE times every week, sometimes more when there are special occasions of extra things, such as interviews, reviews, and such! The big kick off is tomorrow, but I wanted to let everyone know today, kinda celebrate with a party! So, here's some party supplies: And tomorrow, you will find a brand new link page at the top of the blog. And tomorrow, you will be able to click on the link and I can introduce you to the team! We have cool avatars