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How I Met My Husband Blog Hop

I joined up for a blog hop over at Melinda Dozier and today I am sharing how I met my husband, in 150 words words or less. We met at church! I had come in for a visit from college. At the time, I had a boyfriend back at college, so I didn't really pay any attention to him. My next visit home was for the Christmas holiday. This time I didn't have a boyfriend and this time I DID notice him. He had the bluest, most gorgeous eyes I had ever seen! He asked me, "Do you want to do lunch?" (yes, those exact words.) and I said, "I don't even know your name." And his reply? "I don't know yours, either, but we can figure tht out over dinner." That night, he told me he wanted to see me tomorrow night, and the next night, and the night after that and every night for the rest of his life. And we have been together ever since:) Unfortunately, I do not have a picture, yet. I am away from home on business, but I am asking my daughter to email me an o

Princess Transformation

Update: It's out last "Pulled" Secret. We got 4 out of A.L. and I hope you enjoyed learning a few little personal things about this amazing author. I know I did. Thank you, Ms. Jackson , for agreeing to spill oyur guts, while we "Pulled" away! Now, from A.L.'s pen to my blog:  Okay, here's something kind of funny and embarrassing for you all!  I have to be thankful I'm a writer, because when I get nervous, I can't seem to make a coherent thought come out of my mouth. Get me on the phone with a stranger and I'm blubbering all over the place. We did it! Matilda could not have done it without all your lovely comments, and here is the proof. A.L. has even snagged her Princess Charming :) PULLED is all about a a young girl who lost everything. Melanie looked for love, true love, a love that transcends every sense, every feeling, every emotion. A love that fills the heart with warmth, laughter, healing, and an abundance of sunshine and j