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A to Z Challenge: X, Y, Z

I hope it's not against the rules, but I had to combine my last three letters into one final post. Partings are so hard to do, but alas, it must be. It's time to say goodbye to the challenge until next year, right! X is for xerophytic  Y is for yawn Z is for zoster Xerophytic is the ability to survive a drought. How appropriate for a writer. I couldn't help but think of writer's block and how necessary it is to  keep at it. Keep writing, even when the well is dry. It will rain again, and when it does, your best piece of writing will appear. As if by magic. Well...not really, but when the drought over, your writing will come back clear, crisp and ready for some wowing:) During those times of drought, you may getting sleepy, causing a YAWN . But your biggest fear should be causing your reader to yawn , which is something you never want to do. Boring reading means you're on the verge of losing a reader. This, my dear friend, is bad for business. It takes stami

Celebrating the Small Things and A to Z: W

Happy Friday beautiful guys and dolls! Yay for the weekend and yay for family time!!! I'm happy today for THREE things. 1. My mom is out ouf the hospital and doing better. 2. My brother came in a for visit this weekend. 3. I am now a literary intern for Blue Ridge Literary Agency. More happy news coming soon....*smiles* A to Z Challenge: W W is WRITING mommy I love writing . But I love being a mommy. I homeschool my little angels, so I love teaching, too. Dividing my time between all my duties is hard to do. It really is. Because teaching my kids isn't anything to to take easy. I am responsible for teaching them to read, write , math, and all the other fun things school has to offer (yep. I said fun, just in case any of my kiddo's read this post..) But writing is important, too, because if I don't spend time researching, studying, actually writing , then revising and editing, my dream will go no where but to sleep. Of course, I have all my othe

A to Z Challenge: U and V

Understanding Ventriloquism A ventriloquist is a person who can speak or utter sounds so that they seem to come from somewhere else. Being a writer requires you to be a ventriloquist , too. Why? How? Because you, the author, must make each character sound like someone you are not. You may not be a fifteen year old drama queen, but you've got to make you 15 year old teen girl sound real. What? You're not a lab technician, working on a unique case for the FBI? How do you make your MC real and believable? By understanding ventriloquism and putting it to use as a writer. Creating characters who are 3 dimensional and original. That's ventriloquism in writing, not speaking. Do you understand ventriloquism ? Can you make a character, talk and sound real, without the reader hearing you, the author speak?


Author Interview from J.T. Bock!! If you've ever wanted to ask an  author some serious questions, I've done it for you! Enjoy!! 1. What inspires you as a writer? “What if?” inspires me. I read  Discover  magazine where they breakdown scientific advances, theories, and discoveries in layman’s terms, which in turn gives me ideas for story scenarios involving time travel, world-destroying possibilities, and superhuman abilities based on real-world science. I love watching and reading stories about paranormal experiences from a family’s haunted house to a town’s UFO sighting. Recently, I got sucked into the History Channel’s  Ancient Aliens  and found it fascinating how some people are trying to make connections between certain historical, mythological, and biblical events and UFO visitations. What if  all those events really happened because of aliens? Talk about a ton of book ideas right there! 2.    When did you have that ah ha moment when you knew yo

A to Z Challenge: T

T is for Tailor Made Characters. Talk to them. Designing characters is like designing a dress. There is a pattern you start with but you are free add lace, replace buttons with a zipper, and use a different type of fabric than what the pattern calls for in the directions. Feel free to subtract inches and in-seams if necessary. Use elastic instead of string. It's your dress! Follow the pattern, but improvise! Tailor made characters are the best of the best because you created them to be different than the rest. Have you created a character? Have you given him or her a problem? Okay, the next thing in designing a character is to make sure your character has a very gripping and compelling need. The kind of need you give your character may change before the story ends, but without a need that drives your character forward, the will be no need to have a story. And the need may be different than the problem he or she must work through. Or it may be the same. When I r

A to Z Challenge: S

S is for Sound How do you engage audio learners in your story? Many readers are visual people. They like to see things, and thus enjoy reading. (Which, by the way, I am a visual!) Audio people enjoy books on tape, music, and all things connected to the ears! In order to draw your reader into the world you created on the written page, it is most imperative you entice them with their senses. Engagement of your readers happens with sound words. This is otherwise none as onomatopoeia: words that sound like are written. Please include words with flavor, resonance, texture, aromas, and pictures in the mind. Your readers will come back again and again when they know they can step into your world and feel as though they are actually living in the pages of your book. Call out to your readers who love sounds in a way they can relate! Here is a wonderful list of sound words for inspiration: clink, clang, clatter boom, burst, explode crunch, crackle, crinkle g

A to Z Challenge: R

R is for Red pens and ReWrites . It happens to all writers. You've written a fantastic story and it's time to send it off to your critique partner or editor. They return the manuscript with so many notes your story won't be the same. It's time to ReWrite . That's right. Get out the big, fat eraser and start deleting. Maybe you'll start with your MC. Character development is one thing I need the most help with, so I generally ReWrite my character, using the notes from my CP. When I first began writing, I thought I could just sit down and write the story. For a beginner, that worked fine, I guess. I generally start my stories with a character in mind and a situation to work through. My stories ended very quickly because once my character got past the situation, that was it. I have since learned that in order to make my character real and believable, I needed to create a CHARACTER for my character. It's like reading a biography. The person

A to Z Challenge: Q and Celebate the Small Things

It's impossible to think it's Friday already. Today's post is going to be long. I have the A to Z challenge, Celebrate blog hop, and a special post from a guest. You ready for it all?? Celebrate the Small Things: I am happy to have a home, safe and sound and secure. I've not been attacked, there's no tornado or hurricane or earthquake threatening me, and I'm not suffering the loss of my home, family or friends. My thoughts and prayers are with those in Boston and Texas. Q is for QUERY contests: (Guest post from ELLIE HELLER) --> This is an excellent time to be a writer! Not only do you have lots of publishing opportunities, from the traditional agent model to indie e-presses to self publishing (you really should go check out the Dahlia Adler's blog on the various options here: ) but amount of support you'll find online from other writers is astounding. You&#

A to Z Challenge: P

P is for Prayers of Peace In light of the terrible news this week, it is difficult for me to blog about my life and the happiness that surrounds me. So many people are suffering and hurting. Our nation is once again thrown into disarray and shock and sadness. And the natural disasters from storms in the south have added to the loss of lives, too. This week, I am praying for peace . The PROMISE of hope.  For those who are hurting, I am praying for you.

A to Z Challenge: N and O

I want to begin this new post with a quote I recently discovered. The original post and interview of this fabulous author can be found here at Christi Corbett's Blog. “Do your thing. Do what you love. If you want it badly enough, you’ll find the time to put in the necessary work to make it shine.” author Moriah Densley. I was encouraged when I read her interview the other day, and this quote seemed like a flashing sign of hope. Almost like one of those signs you see in Las Vegas. If I want it badly enough, I will find a way to make it work. Never . Give. Up. Never . On no account. There have been times I have felt like quitting. After so many rejections and no's, it's easy to think WHAT"S THE USE? But with passion and desire and the determination to never quit, on no account, for no reason whatsoever, it will happen. It may not be the way you expected. It may not turn out how you hoped it would. But it will happen. Never . Give Up. On no accou

A to Z Challenge: M is meeting with Krystalyn Drown

Hey guys! My A to A challenge today is MEETING. As in interview with a character by an author with Entranced Publishing. (By the way, I'm an intern for this fabulous publisher!!!) woot:) Spirit World, by author Krystalyn Drown is a fabulously written book.You wil be on the edge of your seat wanting to know what happens next. The story starts out gritty. You immediately feel the emotional pain and confusion of the MC, Riesa. So I've decided to let you MEET her! I asked her some very personal questions and she graciously agreed to answer them. Riesa Adair MEETING: Spirit World MC 1. Where did you grow up? Northern California 2. What's your happiest childhood memory? One weekend, when I was four or five, my parents took me to the beach. We built what I thought was the tallest sandcastle ever. It probably wasn't that big, but at the time, it was big enough for me to crawl inside. My dad still called me a princess back then, and I still believed I wa

Celebrate Small Things and A to Z Challenge: J, K, L

So sorry I was missing in action. Again. I've been gone visiting my daughter and believe it or not, we got snowed in! In April. The middle of April. Yikes! My daughter lives 24 hours away from me, so when I get the opportunity, I will spend as much time with her as possible. Also, we just found out that a very, very dear friend passed away yesterday. He was a WWII vet in the South Pacific and he was so precious to us. He was 92 years old and lived such a wonderful life. He was a hero I will miss him dearly. He lives up here where we are visiting, so we plan to go to his funeral before we return home. So, again, I'm posting a small post. So sorry you beautiful guys and dolls! I promise to get back to my regular scheduled posting by the end of next week. I am thankful I had a few extra days to visit my daughter, even in the snow. I am thankful to have known such a wonderful person as Glade Lindsay. For the A to Z challenge, here's what I'm saying for letters J,

A to Z Challenge: I

I is for INGENUITY As a writer and a teacher, it's important to hold this quality close to heart. What does ingenuity mean? Clever. Original Unique Inventive Creative Artistic Thinking outside the box Just to name a few! Agents and publishers are looking for unique and original ideas. That's almost impossible, right? Everything has been done before. How do write something new? Something original? I'm not for sure if I know the answer to this. I'm being honest, okay. Every time I think I've hit on an awesome idea, I find someone else has already written it. Grab a-hold to ingenuity. Pet it. Love it. Nurse it. and when you've found the answer to how to write, get busy and write the next best seller. That's what I plan to do. How about you, beautiful guys and dolls???

A to Z Challenge: H

Hiya beautiful guys and dolls! I know I've been missing in action for a few days, but traveling is hard. H is for HONESTY. Be honest with yourself. Be honest with your family. Be honest with your friends. I know there is a fine line between honesty and kindness. WHAT??? Yes, I said that. Why? Because, there are times when I don't want to hurt someone's feelings. Maybe their writing is way off, their characters are flat, and the plot is terrible. But they are m friend and I don't want to hurt their feelings. Is that a license to not be honest and say, "This is great! Just a little tightening up and you've nailed it!" Rather than be honest, it's easy to skirt around the issue and "be nice." This can go so many directions. It doesn't only apply to critiquing. Is her outfit really hideous and you just can't find a way to say it? Do you really not want to go to the party, but it's been planned for months and you don'

A to Z Challenge f and g

Yes. I am posting 2 letters at once. For one, I'm traveling and two, I don't blog on Sundays. And yes, my post will be short because I am terribly pathetically slow when I type on my phone:) F is for forgiveness. Sometimes it's not easy to forgive. And it's always evident when you can't because people tend to grow bitter and hateful. My thoughts: do I want to go through life with a bitter attitude and hateful words? Nope. So I choose to forgive when it is possible. Even when it seems like I can't I try my best not yo hold a grudge. G is for good. Simply put, just do good. It makes the world a better place. It makes our kids happier. It mashed our heart lighter. It spreads sunshine and cheer. You never know how many people are blessed by your goodness:) Until Monday, beautiful guys and dolls:)

Celebrate AND A to Z

It Friday, again, and there's so much going on in my life I think my head is spinning! Okay, let's start with Celebrate the small things blog hop . Thanks to Vikki! What am I happy about? That's easy! 1. My daughter's birthday is today. She's 17 and ready to face the world with her beuaty, charm and grace. Happy Birthday, my little tootsie wootsie:) 2. I get to visit my oldest daughter this weekend, who is expecting my first grand DAUGHTER:) Woot!! Have a happy Friday celebration, beautiful guys and dolls:) A to Z Challenge EXCELLENCE The dictionary defines the word excellence as the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. This is the type of character trait I want to teach my kids. Extremely good. Not goody two shoes, mind you, just seeking the best and trying their best. To be excellent in speech and conduct. To be an outstanding person. That's what I want to teach my kids. That's what I strive to be myself:) Happy Friday ever

A to Z Challenge Day #4

DEVOTED You can be devoted to so many things, but what is your #1 devotion ? Think about it. You can be devoted to: work family kids church watching tv the computer writing reading playing drinking What are you devoted to? I'm sorry the post is so short, but I'm traveling. And do you know how difficult it is to type a blog post on a phone? Pixar # 9 will be later, gators!

ISWG April

Holy cow! I almost forgot this month. I remembered last night and thought of a good post, then got up this morning and it completely slipped my mind! Yes, I'm getting old. Wait! Who said that?? So, my thoughts tonight. I hope I don't get any rolled eyes or snickers:( Does anyone else ever feel like they just don't fit in? Like a fish out of water? Like a third wheel? Well, I do. Sometimes I think "What's the use trying. I'm little ole me and no one really cares. I don't fit in, I don't have loads of friends hanging around, tweeting me, responding to things I say. and so on. I get the feeling maybe I'm trying to hard. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. Maybe I should just close up shop and get out of the cyber world. Not long ago, I had a great thing happen to me and the blog. Then all of sudden, out the no where clouds of blue, it all fell apart. Was it me? What did I do to turn "it"away? Was I not kind enough? Was I ov

A to Z Challenge Day #3 (Pixar #8)

CARE and COMPLETE What do you CARE about? Do you put enough CARE ful thought in the words you say? The words you write? I've found that the internet has mad it so easy to blurt out things. Why? I think it's because most of the time, you never have to worry about coming face to face with the general public. So who CARES if you say something that not really you. The things you write may be easier because no one sees you, who you really are. But, I have resigned myself to really CARE about the things I write. To be true to myself and write the things I believe in. I hope to awaken something fresh and new not only in my own heart, but in the hearts and minds of everyone who reads my books. my blog posts. My thoughts. I'm tired of writing to fit in with the crowd, to gain more followers, to look "big." I want to CARE about how and why I write and hope that i can make a difference in the life of those who read my words. For Pixar #8, I'm choosing

A to Z Challenge Day #2 (Pixar #7)

Good morning you beautiful guys and dolls! As you can see, I am combining 2 challenges, the A to Z challenge and the Pixar blogging challenge. I hope you don't mind, but I have tried to combine them in a way so they just mesh together:) Letter B is for BELIEVE This could go in so many directions. BELIEVE in yourself. You have talent. You have skill. BELIEVE in your abilities and techniques. BELIEVE in what you do. Have some passion and desire and be confident that what you do is worth doing. BELIEVE in your faith. Don't back down. Don't be embarrassed. Hold on to it. BELIEVE in the end result of what you do. Why do you write? Teach? Paint? Sing? Whatever you do, you must BELIEVE that your final goal is worth the trouble, time, and tears you pour into what you are doing. There is an end. Why are you you pressing in that direction? BELIEVE . Pixar Challenge day 7 is also about the end. The end of your story. Write your ending before the middle. In your story

A to Z Challenge Day #1, (Pixar #6)

Hi everyone! I'm so glad you stopped by to visit Ink in the Book! And I am thrilled to be part of the A to Z Blog Challenge!  It's a huge, gigantic list of participants, so I have added the linky list to the right sidebar, over there --->>> for you to click that will bring you to the post. If I posted the linky every day, well I guess you can figure out why I'm only posting once... Yes, this is my first year and I am so excited I remember seeing it around last year and thinking "What is this?" I read a ton of posts and and realized I had missed a great thing! I'm happy to be here, and I'm even happier to meet you!! I'm a writer and a teacher, so my theme this month will be....learning the art of writing! Or something like that:) Actually, I've planned a series of blog post on a variety of ideas, inspirations and learning. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing these.  For my letter A, I have chosen the word AWAKE