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Workshop Ideas

I'm thinking about running another workshop here on the blog. Does anyone have suggestions as to what might be helpful to you, as a writer? Character Workshop? Setting Workshop? Scenes? Dialogue? Plot?
I love historical fiction, so I've got a treat for you today. Here's a brand new book for you. It's book two in a series, but you should have no problem reading this one first. Sorry, I couldn't save or uplaod the image file onto the blog:( Reliance (Hollow Hearts Book 2) Two strangers. One clandestine wedding. Many hidden stories. Discouraged by his limited prospects and tired of trying to find a bride in a traditional manner, Elias Wheeler places an advertisement requesting a mail-order bride and mother for his young daughter. Rebecca Malone, eager to escape an abusive past, travels to Montana to become Elias’s wife despite only exchanging a few letters. Learning to care for one another proves easy; learning to trust proves much more difficult. Elias and Rebecca must navigate the waters of blending families while learning to depend on one another with confidence, loving support, and faith. Together they must learn to rely on each other and w

When life gives you lemons...

Do you make lemonade? Summer is over and it's time to bring out hot chocolate and light up the bon fires! Why, then, am I talking about lemonade??? Change is all around me. Not just changing of the seasons, which, by the way, I love. But change on every side. Sometimes change can cause disappointment or discouragement, and that's okay, as long as you grab yourself by the boot straps and get back in the race. I had to take a break from my writing. Rejection is hard to deal with, and although it's [art of every writer's life, it can be discouraging. The best way for me to deal with that was simply taking a break. I had to, no needed to, get away from everything. I was at the point I didn't want to write, didn't want to blog, didn't want to visit my friend's blogs, didn't want to deal with anything associated with writing. I even ran and hid from my Twitter feed. I tried to give up on my dream of becoming a published author. No more rejectio