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Hello World!

I spent the evening looking through my blog. I remember when I published articles at least 3 and 4 times per week. I had enough visitors to keep me busy. I ran contests and workshops. I wrote about writing and graphics and fun stuff. And then somehow, one day, I got too busy. Too busy to visit my friends, whom I'd taken so long to get to know, spent hours and days investing in their time. I miss my blog. I miss my friends. I've been so busy writing that I let my blog go, and I stopped visiting other blogs. Now, I have to start over. I plan to write about everything I learned in pitchwars, which is a lot. So excited to be back!!! I hope to see you all soon. Until then, write with purpose, beautiful guys and dolls!

My PitchWars Experience

Hey beautiful Guys and Dolls! I know. I've been gone so much from my blog. *sad face* I'm almost finished with PitchWars manuscript (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) A few more edits, and it'll be good to go! I'm so super excited about the way my story turned out and I"m super excited to share it with the world. Yes, I may be getting the cart the before the horse, but really. I'm THAT excited about it! So how was my PW experience? I'll start from the beginning.... I really wanted to enter Pw this year. I loved my story and characters. I'd work so hard on this story and after I got the final edits back from the pre-pitchwars round, I knew it was ready. I scoured the mentor blogs and studied them all. I pretty much had my mind made up on my top choice. Lizzy Charles was number one from the get go. Her strength was exactly what I needed help with: adding HEART to your story. The one thing that scared me was the fact she was really quiet on Twitter. I sat back an
Hey you beautiful guys and dolls!! Yes, I've been gone pretty much all year. I've been so busy. That's not an excuse, I know, but it's true. Earlier this year, I received word that a contest I had won several months back (about 2 years ago) would be finalized this year and I'd be able to self publish that book! Well, that's not going to work as fast as I'd hoped. Publishing is a slow world, am I right?? I'm not even for sure if I'll be working on that particular book any more. I wrote this particular story about SIX years ago. It went through several rounds of revisions and edits, and this last time I went through it on my own, I made a mess of it. I took the chapters apart, and even some the individual scenes and rearranged and rewrote some chapters to add to my word count. I didn't know how to fix it. I'd hoped the contest I won would work out, but not all dreams can be realized and sometimes, it's best to know when to shelve a

Insecure Writers Support Group January 2016

Welcome to the first IWSG of 2016!! I'm so excited to start the year. I've got so many wonderful things happening this year! My biggest piece of news? I will be publishing my first novel via self publishing! I'm so excited! It's a bit early to share any details, but I will have more information ready by March, so be patient and BE EXCITED!! Also, I wanted to thank all of YOU for your continued and faithful support. There have been many times through the past 4 years I've looked forward to each month because I needed a hug or a smile. Insecure Writers Support Group has never failed to deliver the encouragement I needed. Thank you!! See you next month, you beautiful guys and dolls!! Sign up here... Visit the IWSG blog here...