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Writer in Motion First Draft

Hey beautiful guys and dolls! Well, here is my very rough, very messy first draft. This is my first ever flash fiction piece! I know it needs sooooooooooo much work, but my idea is on paper, and I have good bones and plot pieces to work with. My ideas didn't come out as I had anticipated, BUT I think I can turn this into something I love!

I have several elements I want to add still, but since no editing was allowed on this draft, (you have no idea how hard it was not to edit this. I wanted to so bad) I just wrote the bare bone idea to get started.

My initial idea was The Cloud Goddess, and a Native American fairytale retelling. So, here goes...It's messy, and it's a fire pit, but look at the potential...(this is what my CP's keep saying. Thanks guys. I love ya!)


I plan to get detailed with my writing process, but first, I have to make sense of all the messy notes and blurbs I've written. Some, even on notepads and napkins!

The Imposter We Traded

There were three …
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Writer in Motion Round two

Hey beautiful guys and dolls!! Welcome to my first post during WRITER IN MOTION round two. I was lucky enough to be chosen in the raffle to have my short, 1,000 word or less flash fiction chosen to be edited by a professional editor! So, follow along  my journey as I go from prompt to polished draft in for weeks.

Out first post is prepping for the first draft. Given the prompt, what were my first thoughts and what did I do to prep the character, story, and plot?? HEre's the photo prompt:

Honestly, it didn't speak me.

At all.

I was lost, and my excitement quickly deflated like a helium balloon stuffed in the back of a dark closet. Not because I didn't like the photo. I LOVED it. But because I was completely lost in ideas. So, I put the put the picture away, and ignored it.

Well, that's not true.
The photo haunted me for hours. Who was this girl? Why was she here? What had happened up to this point in time?

That's when it hit me. Tell the story before the photo. Wri…

Writer In Motion Post 1

Hey beautiful guys and dolls!! I'm so super excited to introduce the new project I'm going to be part of! It's called Writer in Motion, and it's a a group of writers and editors who will work through the beginning of a writing project to the end.

From prompt to polished finished product. We'll go through several rounds of CP edits and revisions until the final writing is ready to go!

 This week, we introduce ourselves and talk about our writing process. I'm a sit down and write on the fly sort of writer. I love to take an idea, put a character in the middle of the idea, and just where he/she takes the story. The creative process is so fun, but it's not always easy. If (and when) I hit a writer block, I'll create a short outline. It might be a scene outline, a chapter outline, a character prompt outline, or even some backstory. My plan during Write in Motion, is to post every step I take so that you can see the entire thing, from beginning to end.

I hope …

I missed August's posting

Hey you beautiful guys and dolls!

I missed posting in August, but I have a really good reason....

My daughter just had her third baby, and I've been in Germany visiting her and spoiling grand babies.


Just got home this week and went straight to the hospital. My mom had heart surgery. We hope this is the last one (she's already had one heart surgery) but the Dr says if she needs another one, they will be putting a pacemaker in, which she really doesn't want. All thoughts and prayers appreciated.

See you Wednesday !!

Until then, keep writing.

Insecure Writer's Support Group

I've rejoined the IWSG (Insecure Writer's Support Group, and I'm super excited to be back. I missed the post for July, but will be promoting and visiting the blogs on the list this month as I try to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. This is the first step back to the writing community.

Hey, all you beautiful guys and dolls! *waves and smiles*
I've been gone forever, I know. I know, and I'm sorry. But I had decided I just couldn't keep up with the blog, but mostly, my writing. I'll admit, I got so discouraged, I quit writing for a while. Several months, actually. After Pitch Wars, I had to deal with some personal life, and it bled over into my writing ability.

Then, I found an amazing group of CP's that welcomed me into their fold, and they've encouraged me so much, I couldn't stay away from writing any longer. So, here I am. I hope to build my blog back up. I've lost over a hundred followers, but I don't blame them. Why follow when I offer nothing but empty space and air??

It may be a slow process, but I'm determined to make this work.

My writing has come a long way since 2012, when I started this blog in earnest.

What has everyone else been up to? How's your writing coming along? Fill me in on all the news!

Until next time, stay kind, beautiful guys and dolls!

Trying to get back in the swing of things

This has been such a horrendous last few months. I'm so glad spring is here!

I'm feeling very optimistic about 2017. This is the year I feel like is going to be my year.

No new news. BUT... I'm still writing and still in the literary and publishing world. So that's a plus, right??

 I look forward to my spring workshop. This year, I've got lots of revision and editing workshops lined up. These are all from my experience last year and the process I went through in revising and editing one manuscript upwards of ten times.

It's going to be a great year and I'm so glad you're here to make it better!

See you next week, you beautiful guys and dolls. I'll be posting my first book review of 2017. An adult romance. Excited? I am!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends.