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Inspiration 101

How do you inspire yourself? When you run into a brick wall, what is the best way to see light again? I don't recommend busting through it. That might hurt! But you can climb over it, or possibly dig under it. My next series of post will encourage your creativity through ordinary surroundings. New writers, as well as established authors, occasionally walk around in the dark, needing some creative light to spark their pen! That is not always easy. What can you do to motivate your thought process? For starters, take a look around you. What do you see? Flowers? Old books? Cars? People? Billboards? Your inspiration could be right in front of you~ Look for fascinating colors, intriguing art, peaceful lakes, or rustling streams. Your sight has the power of  innovation through seeds of beauty. Or anger. Or fear. What scares you? Heights? Then take a look at tall buildings, or climb a mountain for views of height. Visit museums and look at the objects and artifacts on dis