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My Writing Career Changes and Plans

With today's access to the world via Internet, I’ve come in contact with hundreds of websites. Who hasn’t, right? As a writer, looking for the perfect agent to represent my manuscript (s) it’s been a tempting temptation to put my work out there to anyone who is interested. I mean that’s what all authors want, isn’t? To have a published book by anyone who is willing to print it? That’s a huge NO. My perspective on this has changed in a drastic, career changing way. After being swindled a few times, cheated twice, used by so-called friends in the industry, and lied to more than I can count, I’m pulling back the pens and doing a huge inventory check. My most recent girl agent crush has recently tweeted an extensive amount of writer tips, which I took to heart. She mentioned that self publishing works for some and may be a good thing for them. But if the reason a writer chooses to self pub is because no one else will represent them or publish them, then you are cutting your se

Update On Grand Baby

Hey all. I wanted to check in and let everyone know my baby got to go home from NICU!!! She perfectly healthy and happy. And did I mention how perfect and precious she is? She was born with low blood sugar. It took her a week to stablize, but once she got used to eating, she never looked back! She weighted 8lb 2 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes. Life will return to normal and I hope to get back to regular blogging again very soon. See you soon, beautiful guys and dolls.