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Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate the small things blog hop! I'm celebrating 1. A new coat. 2. Beautiful new boots I can't wait to wear! And... 3. Chilly weather:) What are you celebrating this week? Sorry I can't add pics or links on my phone:(

ISWG October 2013

Hey beautiful guys and doll! My life is moving me in a new direction and I'm being pulled along for the ride. Rather than fight against the tide, I'm going with the flow. This summer, we've lived in a camper. No, not camping and having marshmallows and campfires. It's been our life. My husband's work put us on the road and unfortunately, we've lived in places that are still in the ancient days of "Internet? What's that?"  Believe me, it's true. So this summer has been an adventure! My writing career is also going places I've dreamed of going for a long tone. I can't share everything with you yet, but I've got sone good news pending I hope to let you in on soon Happy writing, my friends. I wouldn't be here without you:) PS. Typos courtesy of my phone!!