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Writer in Motion Round two

Hey beautiful guys and dolls!! Welcome to my first post during WRITER IN MOTION round two. I was lucky enough to be chosen in the raffle to have my short, 1,000 word or less flash fiction chosen to be edited by a professional editor! So, follow along  my journey as I go from prompt to polished draft in for weeks.

Out first post is prepping for the first draft. Given the prompt, what were my first thoughts and what did I do to prep the character, story, and plot?? HEre's the photo prompt:

Honestly, it didn't speak me.

At all.

I was lost, and my excitement quickly deflated like a helium balloon stuffed in the back of a dark closet. Not because I didn't like the photo. I LOVED it. But because I was completely lost in ideas. So, I put the put the picture away, and ignored it.

Well, that's not true.
The photo haunted me for hours. Who was this girl? Why was she here? What had happened up to this point in time?

That's when it hit me. Tell the story before the photo. Write about the story off the page, the part the on-looker hasn't seen.

So I started taking notes! Kinda. I started asking questions.

Where was she born? On earth? In a fantasy land? Space?
Does she have any hobbies?
What's her job?
Does she have a love interest?
Ooooo, does she have an enemy? Why?
Does she have a best friend? Have they always been best friends? Are they still close?
What's the ONE thing this character fiercely avoids? Why? What has she done to avoid tis thing? What will she do in the future to avoid this one things? Something different? The same as always?
Ok, now the opposite...what is the one ting this character wants, more than anything? What has she done in the past to try and get it? What are some things she might do in the future to get that one thing she really, really, wants??

As I answered these questions, my character slowly emerged, and this started shaping my story! My inspiration came back in spades.

I got excited!

I started a vision board on Pinterest.

I found a playlist, something I would have never chosen if it hadn't been shared with me, but it's perfect for this story!

I dug into the picture and picked out things that spoke to me, and asked questions about them, questions that may be weird to others, but made perfect sense to me.

What is she holding in hand? No, it's not a flare. It's a __________!! And why is she using this _____?

Is she calling someone or something? NOOOOO!! She's _________!!

Is she standing on the lede of building? Absolutely not!

Wha's above her? Clouds? But what's above the clouds?
What's below her? Sky> Nope. It's _________!

Why is her hair short?
Why is she barefoot?
Why is the sky blue and white? No, it's not because that's the natural color of the sky. It's because __________!

These are all the questions that sparked my interest. And these are the things I based my character and and story on.

Are you intrigued to find out more?
I am!!

Until next time my blogger friends, write with ink in the book...


  1. Oh, I love seeing your process. It is the most gorgeous photo. And congrats on winning the professional edit, I did the first WiM and it is such a awesome experience.


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