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Hey you beautiful guys and dolls!!

Yes, I've been gone pretty much all year. I've been so busy. That's not an excuse, I know, but it's true.

Earlier this year, I received word that a contest I had won several months back (about 2 years ago) would be finalized this year and I'd be able to self publish that book! Well, that's not going to work as fast as I'd hoped.

Publishing is a slow world, am I right??

I'm not even for sure if I'll be working on that particular book any more. I wrote this particular story about SIX years ago. It went through several rounds of revisions and edits, and this last time I went through it on my own, I made a mess of it. I took the chapters apart, and even some the individual scenes and rearranged and rewrote some chapters to add to my word count. I didn't know how to fix it. I'd hoped the contest I won would work out, but not all dreams can be realized and sometimes, it's best to know when to shelve a project and move on.

So in light of that, I moved on. I still love my story, but I don't think it was meant to be. Who knows. Maybe one day, I'll pull it from the archives and see if I can make it work....

For now, I'm working on my PITCHWARS manuscript. The amazing Lizzy Charles chose me and my  YA fantasy to work with and I'm so excited. I applied three years ago to Pitch Wars, and at that time, I was chosen. Honestly, I wasn't ready and when I look back now, I"m thankful I wasn't picked then.

But this year, I made it!! I've been working non stop between school (I homeschool two kiddo's!) and writing. I still have a ton of revisions, but my story is moving along and I can't wait to see the finished product:)

Well, that' my very short update. I hope to post an in-depth article about my pitch wars experience soon. Until then, have a beautiful day, you lovely people!!!!!!


  1. Cool you were chosen!
    Sorry things didn't work out with that other story. Publishing is a slow process.


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