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Buccaneer Blog Fest: Wk 2 Day 2

Ahoy Mates! Today I will be sailing the high seas with Sailor Bridges. She's the MC from my current WIP. Well, one of them anyways. I am working on quite a few, but Sailor is my newest fave. Please don't tell mt other characters I said that! I love them all, but since she's new, she's fragile and needs lots of help. I thought it would do her some good to take part in the CQ Carnival and in the Buccaneer Blog Fest. The others really don't mind. They are having a great time getting to know Sailor, just like I am!

She was more than happy to answer the questions below, so please be kind and give her a big thanks in the comments. She is not really shy, but it takes a while for her to warm up to new people.

Ink: Hi Sailor. I really appreciate your generosity in answering my nosy questions in front of all my lovely readers.

Sailor: You're welcome!

Ink: So, Sailor. I'll start with something easy. Do you have any pets?

Sailor: Yes, I do. I have a little goldfish. His name is Nemo. I watched Finding Nemo when I was a little kid and loved it! Hence, the name.

Ink: A fish? I took you for a kitten type of girl.

Sailor: Nope. No kittens. Just my little fishy.

Ink: No biggie! How about a car? D you own one? and what would your dream car be?

Sailor: Yeah, I have a car. It's a 1937 Chevy. I love antique cars. I owned a 1965 Mustang and traded it for a souped up Chevy. Best transaction I ever made. I would say it's totally my dream car.

Ink: I adore the color!

Sailor: Me too! I just had it painted, as if you can't tell.

Ink: You have mentioned you are part of the Guardian Elite. Who or what is the Gaurdian Elite?

Sailor: Oh, I can't tell you anything about the Elite. Most my friends try and pry everything out of me, but I just can't tell. I can tell you we are a group of Guardians that protect and defend the helpless and needy. Sometimes we rescue people who think they don't really need our help, and I am like really? Get your head out of the clods girl and let's make haste. But in the end, they totally slap out high fives to us.

Ink: You can't give us anymore than that? Do you do a lot of traveling?

Sailor: Where do you think I got my name? Ha ha! Yeah, we travel like all the time.

Ink: Where is the most exotic place you have ever been?

Sailor: That's a tough one! Let me think a minute... oh! I know! I traveled to Mississippi during the Civil War to rescue a spy. I loved that plantation house!

Ink: The Civil War? That was years ago. How did you do that?

Sailor: The Guardian Elites has the privilege of traveling anywhere in time we need to go.

Ink: So you are time travelers?

Sailor: Not really. But that word works. Kinda. Well. I gots to go. My alert is buzzing on my phone.

Ink: Thank you Sailor. Have a safe trip.


  1. LOVE this interview! Sailor seems very genuine! Awesome..the car picture was a nice touch!

    1. Thanks a lot Courtney! Sailor is an open book and you are right. She can't hide anything. She is genuine to the core:)

  2. Fantastic interview, Sailor seems like a really sweet girl, and you've now gotten me really intrigued about the Gaurdian Elite and what they do.

    1. Thanks Clare! The Elite help those who can't, or won't, help themselves.

  3. Thanks for sharing with us, Sailor!

    You're story seems really awesome. Time travelling super heroes (at least, that's sort of what I got from it. Maybe only cause i recently saw Spiderman).

    New follower!

  4. Best transaction, it is! You don't get to see a 1937 Chevy in that awesome color. That's quite a nice interview. Vintage cars are precious bits of automotive history. It must be an honor to actually own one. :o)


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