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CQ Carnival Booth: Scavenger Hunt

Update for Clue #2

I know you have been dying for the next clue, right? I'm glad you asked!

Clue two: It's an event that Warren King recently experienced.

find the clue #2  here!
Booth Number Two just happens to be the Scavenger hunt. Do you enjoy a great game? I hope so. If not, keep waiting around because we have rides opening up very soon.

Who is hosting this booth? His name is Warren King. He stepped right of the pages of Sharon Bayliss's manuscript and he's on a journey. He's going somewhere and it's your job to find out where.

Clue #1: In the link below, you can read through the article to help you locate the clue taken from Sharon's manuscript. The word you are looking for is mentioned SIX times in the article link below. One more hint: there are ten letters in the word.

Once you have found the clue, comment below. Who will be the winner? If more than one person finds the correct clue word, there will be a drawing. What does the winner receive? Something REALLY cool and creative! I have an excerpt from Sharon's manuscript. I have created a digital poster with the excerpt along with some super cool pics and a signature from Sharon herself:) It's going to be BRAGADOCIOUS.

Are you ready to go hunting!!!!!!

Go read this article and look for the clue word!

Scavenger Hunt Clue One

If you need more help, you are welcome to check out the post on Sharons own blog.


  1. Well, I was going to say California, but it was mentioned six times, so ... ;-)

  2. Well, I was never good in math. Please don't tell anyone while I go edit my post. You have Eagle Eyes, Jessa. I overlooked one and I'm sure you know which one I am talking about, right?

    1. It wasn't eagle eyes - it was a search and find for the word California. LOL! I totally cheated. :-)

  3. Sometimes, cheating is allowed. But only in certain circumstances! Hehe:) Don't ever tell my kids I said that! I will never hear the end of it, and it will surely create a monster:)

  4. Can I guess California, too? LOL

    1. Good choice, Krystal! How did you ever guess??? HeHe:)

  5. Hehee.. guess it's too late for me to guess California.. huh? ooops..

    My sincerest apologies.. I totally missed this post and is it true you have to interview the person after you in the bbf linky? If so, I've got some serious catchin up to do.. my little guy broke his arm so I haven't had a chance to catch up yet!

    1. Oh no Crystal! Is he okay? I'm so sorry to hear that. I have three boys and all three of them have broken their arms.I hope he feels better soon:(

    2. So do we guess each clue on this post? Because I have a guess for clue TWO. ;-)

  6. So is it a High School graduation???


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