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Fire On the Island: Vote Today!

Sapphire Star Spectacular!!!!!!!!! Fir on the Island, Author J.K. Hogan has something fun going on today. Ready for some "spooky" fun? We are just getting ready for the big release on August 2. Please go check out her website, J.K. Hogan. It is gorgeous!

For the Sapphire Star Spectacular, you get to vote on the spookiest cemetery picture. Extra points will be given to those who add a ONE line caption. Ready? I hope so. Let's go! They are labeled, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Photos courtesy of Flickr/Creative Commons


  1. My vote is for #2. Looks like its taken from St. Augustine Cemetery.

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  3. Number six-- because, for me, it evokes a lonely and desolate feeling.

  4. I think #5 is a little more spooky than the rest, but none look like friendly places to hang out. :)

    1. This means our contestants are tied. Two votes for #2, two votes for #5. We need a tie breaker!

    2. #5 - For eternity, a home for the corpsed shells.

  5. #5 - is that Robert Pattinson I see?

  6. I'm not for sure, but there is a possibility...

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  8. #2

    Caption: "On the day my brother dug the hole and threw me in it, this tree was just a little sapling."

  9. So spooky caption. MaWaahahahahahaaa!

  10. I'm a couple months late, but just stumbled upon this post while reading my interview with Ink in the Book, again :)
    #1 is grabbing me for spookiness, but #2 speaks loads of desolation. So I guess I'm saying #1.


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