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CQ Carnival: Booth 3 Haunted House

What's a carnival without a haunted house?
Who doesn't love a spooky place to visit on Friday the 13th?
We have a special host, too. You want to know who he is? I'm sure you do! First, here's a picture~~~

His name is Frankie. You may not know something really important about him. But you know me by now, don't you? I can;t tell you. Well not in an easy way. You can read this little article and find out what you need to know. THEN we will continue with the haunted house...

1. What's like being a ghost?

Well, I guess if I could describe it in one word, I'd say lonely. Like, I'm here, with people around me almost all the time, but yet I'm completely alone. I can't touch the girl I love, can't hug her. Can't open doors. Can't smoke a cigarette. Its like I exist, but I don't. Its limbo, purgatory. But ... if I had to do it over again, would I want to really die, and go to wherever it is I'm supposed to go? No. I'm supposed to be right here, with Ever. So if this is the only way, then being a ghost what I'm supposed to be. 

2. What's your favorite food not that you are, well, you know, dead?

Oh man, I used to love In'n'Out. Double Doubles with animal-style fries and a strawberry shake. Yeah. that's my favorite. What I wouldn't do for a double double right now. 
3. Is there a school where you live? If so, what's it like?

Yeah, I went to Orange High School. I guess school was pretty cool. I wasn't into sports or anything. I spent most of my time working on my car. My friends are probably in college now. I was supposed to go to San Luis for school, but that didn't happen. Ever's supposed to go to UCLA in the Fall, so I don't know what will happen to me. Maybe I'll get to go with her. I hope I'm not stuck in this house after she leaves. 

4. What about the town you live in now?

I still live in Orange. Born and raised. I didn't die here, but I ended up here with Ever. Right next door to the house I grew up in.  

5. Do you live in a house or an apartment?

A house.

6. What do you do for fun? 

 I don't really do anything for fun anymore. Whatever Ever's doing, I do. Mostly we just hang out. Being a ghost stuck in one house, kinda limits things. We watch a LOT of movies though. 

7.What's it like when you talk to Ever?

Its like home. She gets me, always has. There's nothing weird between us. We grew up together. Its only gotten kinda strange lately since he moved in next door. But we're still Ever and Frankie. That will never change. 

Now, I'm sure you are ready for the haunted house. Let's go!!

First, get your ticket:

Now, Frankie is here to guide your tour. Enjoy!

Wait! Don't go down there! Please don't listen to those screams. It's nothing. Really! Frankie, you know we agreed this would not be part of the haunted house.

 This is Frankie's house...

 And this is Frankie's School...

This is Frankie's College...

Uh-oh. sorry guys! I didn't know HE

was going to be here. Hide your tickets!!! Hurry! I think I just sold you the Grimm Reaper bus fare tickets. My bad!


  1. What an entertaining interview! I really enjoyed this. Any now I'm a bit spooked... ;)

  2. Thanks a bunch! The host for this booth.....Jessa Russo!!

  3. Awesome interview guys :) So can't wait to read this :) x

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