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Mandy Baggot: Taking Charge Blog Tour

I know how everyone has been waiting for this tour and it has finally arrived. So are you ready for a great, great week? If not, you better eat your Frosted Flakes, cause it's going to be GRrrEeeAaaT!!

Mandy Baggot has made it to the top of Amazon Best Sellers and now she has agreed to spotlight her book right here on Ink in the Book. Read about it right here!

What?? You've not read Taking Charge yet? You better stick around here all week long because we are going to open Taking Charge and give you a shadowy glimpse of inside the covers of the awesome author's book. Now, if you don't know the first thing about Taking Charge, after this week, I hope you are so intrigued after this week you go straight over and buy this book!

Here's what we have in store this week.

1. A cute little contest.
2. Taking Charge Dictionary from around the world and other unusual places.
3. Most romantic and worst case scenario of where you met your mate.
4. Interview with Mandy
5. Contest winners and prize awards.

Contest? Everyone loves a contest, right? Especially when there are prizes. (speaking of prizes, I do have the winners from previous contests and will be making an announcement this week about who the winners are and what their prizes are. Stay tuned...)

Here's the details for this week's contest:

Below, I have posted a scrapbook page from a friend of Robyn's (Robyn is the main character in Taking Charge. Yep, you will have to read the book to get the details.) Yes, it isn't the prettiest dream wedding I have ever seen, but to each his own, right?

Robyn's friend wants help! Actually, she needs help, wouldn't you say? Let's offer some suggestions and help her out? Want to? Just comment below and tell me your idea. On Friday, I will post a new scrapbook page based on your ideas and we will vote on the winner. What will the winner receive?

An idea book and a small package of scrapbook materials. YAY!!!!  Let's get the contest going, shall we? Who's in?