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Do You Smell Something good?

Revise #1 fr the Haunted Writing Clinic is HERE

How many memories do you have wrapped up in a smell? Favorite cookies from Grandma? Perfume sprays from that special night?

The other day, I was cooking dinner and I had chicken broth in one pan and vanilla extract in another. The two combinations together reminded me of Thanksgiving and I suddenly got a familiar yearning for family.

Scents have a way of moving on our emotions the same way sights can draw us into another world or time. Don't overlook the power of scent to spur your imagination while writing. If a certain smell -perfume- elicits feelings of romance, and the character in your story is in love, spritz our favorite fragrance while you write. Are you writing a home scene where everyone is happy, comfy, and cozy? Bake some chocolate chip cookies and let the scent circulate around you. At best, light a candle you love. Your home will smell wonderful and your creative nose will inspire your pen.


  1. you are full of awesome advice!
    i had to award you!

  2. I've heard that our strongest emotional memories are linked to smells. It makes sense, because when we're born most of our other senses aren't fully developed, but we recognize our parents by smell. It's tied in to, and can trigger, our most basic emotions. :)

  3. Smells can really trigger memories. I've gotten better at using them in my stories.

  4. Smells can be such strong triggers. The thick overwhelming smell of heavy perfume and cigarette smoke from my English friend when she hugs me; the musty comforting smell of books at a library; the mixed scent of perfume and body that I can still conjure from playing hide and seek in my grandma's coat closet. Great post and reminder to add this dimension to our writing.

  5. You are so right, scents really set the mood and sometimes bring to mind memories. I need to work on including more scents in my writing.
    ~Sarah Faulkner

  6. Talynn,

    Still you amaze. Such wonderful snippets of information to make our writing better. Thank you.
    Vanilla, and Chicken broth, love Fall and the cooking that goes with it.

    Hopping over to the guery!

    Thank you for everything!

  7. This sounds silly, but my grandmother ate a clove of garlic everyday for her health and to keep away mosquitoes. Whenever I smell garlic, I think of her, and all of the wonderful things she taught me in the garden.

  8. Hullo! So, for whatever reason, my computer occasioanlly turns into the devil and won't allow me to do things, like comment on your query for Corrupted Quills! Darn technology. I'm not sure where to give you said comments, because, as I said, my laptop is evil. :-/ Thus, I opted to just tell you here and see what you thinketh.

  9. Oh, I thought you were going to say to use scents in your story (also good advice) but I had never thought about using while I'm writing! What a great idea. Thanks!

  10. I agree scents really can evoke memories and a sense of well being. I love scented candles.

  11. So true! I love the smell of fires burning in the fall and winter. And I don't think I've used the sense of smell enough in my writing.

    Great post!

  12. Scents really can evoke strong feelings. Great advice!

  13. Darn technology! I suppose I shall post my comment for your query here. ^_^ I love it! What a great ide afor a story, and the voice is very gripping. The only tiny crit I have is with this line: "When River learns they’re looking for Shae, too, it’s up to River to protect Shae and find out who is after Shae and why they want her." I would consider changing it to "When River learns they're looking for Shae, too, it's up to River to protect her and find out..." Very small thing. And I vote for The Memory Keeper! Good luck!


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