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Favorite Quote For the Day...

"Nothing is a waste of time if it adds to the person you are." (Love Comes Softly Movie)

I started this week in a very depressing way. I wanted to quit. I really did.


This quote kept me going. If I do something and fail my achievement, I want to say, "Well that was a waste of time."

But hold on a minute!

IF I gained help, understanding, progress, enlightenment, wisdom, or anything that made me a better person, it was


Don't quit. Keep going. Keep writing. Keep trying. Keep knocking. Keep working.

Add to the person you are. Become a better person.

Become a better writer.

Go on. You CAN do it.


  1. We are all probably tempted to quit at our most down moments, but those moments pass.

  2. Yay, I can comment on this one at least :) Hook it on to this week's Thursday's Children bloghop. Because we're all about keeping going and finding inspiration, no matter what.

  3. Slumpy, dumpy days. Hate them.

    First, sorry you were feeling blue. Consider yourself hugged and a lovely bouquet of flowers in your hand. Second, been there, oh-so-many times. Glad to know I'm not alone. I appreciate your candid confession. Finally, I like to visit your blog. You are talented, so glad to see you didn't throw in the pen (or keyboard as the case may be).

  4. Keep going, I always try to tell myself the only failure is a failure to try. Sending hugs and chocolate your way. Take care :)

  5. Excellent quote, and excellent post. I'm going. Hoping you are, too! :)

  6. Hi,(waves) A while ago you told me you never felt so much joy as you did when you were writing. Remember that in the off days, knowing you'll feel like that again, soon. Until then keep on keeping on.
    take care,

  7. Lol, this is the gist of my most recent blog post, but way more inspiring. My mom basically told me today that she doesn't think I'll make it as an author.

  8. Phew, I know that cruddy feeling. Cyber hugs your way (((hugs))). But you have the right attitude. Keep on, keeping on!

  9. You have such a fun blog here! It is nice to meet you :) I love this post because it is such a great reminder that maybe word count and page numbers are not as important as our personal growth. I'm excited to read more of your posts!


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