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Pre-Op Investigations

If you do not see a * by your name, this means you have not filled out the preview #2 post. Also, some names have no genre selections. Please do so before the sign up closes.

Here is what I have so far. IF you do not see your name here, or if you haven't not sent in your genre, PLEASE let me know! Also, if your  name is here, but is only listed as a Category (YA, MG, etc.)  please let me know the genre you are most interested. If you are undecided until you see the WISH LISTS, just let me know that! Thanks! I'm so excited you all have joined. I hope we meet, and exceed, your expectations!

Nonfiction Inspirational
Debra Elliot*

Inspirational Romance

Women's Fiction
Julie Luek*
Sara Cate* (Commercial)

Literary Fiction
Brianna Shrum*

Adult Urban Fantasy
Laura Hughes (w/crime thriller elements)*
Aldrea Alien*
Jennifer Shih*

Adult Urban Thriller
Usman* (Supernatural)

NA (or ADULT) Fantasy
Gloria Sigountos*
Ellie Heller*

Katie Teller*


YA Speculative Fiction
Natasha Hawkins*

YA Inspirational Fantasy
Katrina DeLallo*

YA and MG Inspirational
Lynn Anne Bemis*

YA Contemporary
Joy Moore*
Rhiann Wynn-Nolet*

YA Historical (maybe adult-ish?)

YA Historical Fantasy
Debbie Maxwell Allen*

YA Historical Mystery
Connie Dowell*

YA Paranormal
Ellen Wrin*
Kimber Krochmal* (with romance elements)

YA Supernatural

YA Dystopian
Brittney Woodson*

YA Sci-fi

YA Sci-fi/Fantasy

YA Fantasy (Urban, too)
T. Drecker*
Prerna Pickett*
Mara Rae*
Annette Tremblay*
Heather Bryant*
M. R. Buttars* (fantasy/paranormal)

Amanda Foody* (Gothic Fantasy and a Steampunk Fantasy)

MG Fantasy
Taurean Watkins*
Shauna* (action-adventure)
Kate* (Urban)

Robin Alexander
Charlie Eve Ryan


Workshops roster:

Beginners with ideas: 12

Middlers : 15

Editing: 38

Mentor: 26,  7?

Inspiration: 34

Query Synopsis and First Ten Pages


  1. Put me down for adult fantasy, please.

    1. I had you on my list, but blogger wasn't saving my post very well. I had to keep clicking save. Apparently, blogger still didn't save. sorry about that!

  2. I don't know how you're doing this but thank you!

    1. Julie, I'll let you in on a little secret. I don't know how this is happening, either! Shhhh!!!

      But I'm so excited! I've been putting it together for awhile now.

  3. Thanks ever so much. I've been revising like crazy and have 18 more chapters to go!

    1. Well, just relax! That's what the workshop is for!

    2. I will try! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's my pleasure to give a shout out. I think it's great what you and the agent's are doing.

  4. Thanks! I think I'm going to start something new, and I'm waiting for the wish lists before deciding on a genre. Probably MG contemporary realistic or MG urban fantasy, though.

    1. That's fine!
      Don't forget to fill out the questionnaire on the post "Preview #2"
      Hopefully, the wish lists will come in this weekend!

  5. Same to you! Thinking about it, my book should be classified as NA, especially with the piece I just wrote. I hope this genre takes off.

  6. I see my name! I see my name! I don't know why that's making me so excited. :D

  7. I saw where you said you hadn't finished updating the list so hopefully my name is one of the ones just not added yet (I only signed up yesterday). But I wanted to mention it just in case it got overlooked.

    I hope I didn't sign up too late to join in the fun. I'm really looking forward to this. :)

    1. You are fine! I have you down, but still working on the updates. I had some people drop out of my workshop and I've been busy trying to replace them and make up new schedules:)

  8. PLEASE tell me it is not too late to enter. I will be officially DONE with uni on Friday so this would fill my time nicely. You're such a gem for doing this and even though I haven't read the main post, it already sounds awesome! You can bet kittens I'll be signing up if you'll still have me? :D

  9. Hmm... there's no asterisk by my name, but I did fill out the survey in Preview Post #2, on Oct. 26. Maybe it's because here I'm listed as just Kate, but my posts use "ColoradoKate"? Should I redo the survey?

    I guess I'd better pick a genre, though... put me down for MG urban fantasy, please!

    1. No need for that! I'll make sure and change that. Thanks for letting me know.

  10. Hey so I think I know what genre mine is now! I've been looking around to figure it out and I'm fairly certain it would be a NA action romance... if that helps.


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