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Wednesday's WIP'ed Ink

Friday and Saturday.

Ink Party.

Here, at Ink in the Book

Be there, or be square!


Really, Friday and Saturday, I'll be introducing a whole group of writers who'll be joining my inky team. We'll have a new page link up at the top of my blog and we'll be rolling out all kinds of awesomeness. We've got cute avatars and everything.

You don't want to miss because we have some gifts to giveaway and lots of fun stuff happening:)

Now, for today's WIP'ed Ink.

Are you having problems with SHOWING vs. TELLING?

Do you know what that means?

I thought I knew and I thought I had it all taken care of in my writing, but guess what? It's more complicated than all that.

I've done some serious study of what showing is and how to incorporate it into my manuscript. Thanks to the advice from a couple of awesome agents and writer critiques, my manuscript has endured a thorough



I have decided to put up a mini ink workshop entitled "Show Off: Stop Telling"

If you are interested in joining, leave a comment and let me know. Classes will be posted on the blog and it's not anything formal. But, there will be a little contest at the end of the workshop and I hope to have an agent judge who will be willing to choose the best Show Off and hand out some gifts!!

I will post all the details next week on the WIP'ed Ink post!

Who wants to show off with me?
Who's going to be here Friday and Saturday for the Ink Party?


  1. You are so energetic and creative. I'll look forward to the party and the showing and not telling workshop. I think I struggle with that as well.

    1. Hi Julie:) Maybe I could account some of that energy rubbing off from my 4yo daughter?
      Ha! I wish!!

  2. *aehm* I think you just hit one of my worst enemies. Depending on when the workshop is, I'll be there. Can't wait for your party this weekend! What should I wear? ;)

    1. Hi Tonja! Come tot he party wearing a smile! It's going to be great:)

  3. I'd love to the enter the "Show Off" contest. Some of the cutest lines I've ever made are "tell-y" and I have had to axe them. (tears!) And I am RSVP'ing for the Ink Party on Fri & Sat!! Whoo hoo! Can't wait!

    1. I know exactly how you feel. I hate axing my favorite lines. *borrows handkerchief*

  4. oooh, I am so tempted!!! ;D
    Sounds like fun~

  5. Come join the fun Ella! It's going to be a blast!!!!!


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