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ISWG February Post

Insecurities are circling my head this month.

Imagine this: Receiving 12 requests in one month!

Followed quickly by 12 rejections.

3 intern positions also rejected. (Still awaiting news on a few...)

3 Contest failures. (I got passed to 2nd round in a couple. So, 3 no's and 2 hopefuls...)

What have I got to feel insecure about?

My writing.
My future in publication.
Did I mention my writing?

I am REALLY bummed this month in my writing world. If it weren't for exciting things coming up on my blog, I'd be ready to lay my ink down and breath for a few months. That might be the best option anyway.

I think I need to go visit some other ISWG post and cheer them up. It always makes me feel better when I hug someone else who needs a shoulder to lean on... Yes, that sounds like a great option compared to whining and crying. (Thank goodness you can't see me!) So, want to share some hot chocolate with me while I go smile on someone else who needs a hug more than me?

Sorry to be a downer this month, but I can't fake smiles today.


  1. You can't quit now - that next request might be a yes! You don't want to miss it.

  2. While you're getting those rejections, just remind yourself that you were brave enough to put yourself out there. It's an act of courage to submit your work for others to judge -- something I'm terrified to do once I get to that stage. Kudos to you!

    Nice to meet you -- your blog is so pretty!

  3. Take the breather if you need it, but do not quit. I agree with Alex. The "Yes" you seek might be in the next door you knock. Keep trying!

  4. Those requests are wins. Those contests entered, and internships applied for are as well. You're actively pursuing your goals. Any sense of failure you feel is imagined and labeled as such by you, so you can un-label them, too. :-)

    Keep moving forward, always be aware of--or at least seek out--how you can get better, and you will succeed.

  5. Keep going! I understand the need to take a break, and recharge and rediscover the energy for querying )(because it does take energy) but absolutely the next one... you only need one. HUG

  6. I totally understand. That has been my past month for the most part. People telling me I suck. People not even reading my posts or work before telling me so. Internship rejections, contest failures sounds about right for my life.
    We can do it though! Big hug!

  7. Talynn, I'd say instead of trying to force yourself to "cheer up", let yourself indulge in the bad feelings. At least for me, it helps me work through it faster than feeling like I'm not allowed to experience the disappointment. I hear you though. I get so frustrated when some days I look at my writing and I'm like "Yes, I'm on the right track." And other days where I want to bonk myself in the head and say "Really?"

    Just know we love you and we are here for you *gives you a shoulder to lean on*

  8. I agree with so many people above me. The fact that you are putting yourself out there is so so brave. You are trying. So many people give up after 12 rejections. DON'T!!!! You never know who will be the next "yes." Example?? I sent out 24 queries, 4 non responders, 2 partials and a few full requests. I got all rejections. I had 1 more full out. It had been 6 months so I just checked in, figuring it was a No. The agent thanked me for checking in and said she would get to it soon. I figured another 4 weeks. My surprise she got back to me the next day with an offer to revise and re-submit to her. You just NEVER know, Ink. KEEP GOING!!!!!

  9. Talynn,

    Sending you a whole box of chocolates and you don't have to share with anyone! Hugs too!
    You are getting there, 12 requests, that's awesome, that in itself is difficult to get, so you are moving forward. Usually I don't get a second look request, so keep on trucking. A little rest, most definitely, but then get back out there, it's what we do -- it's how we win, eventually! PERSISTENCE!

  10. Boxes and boxes of hugs to you!!

  11. Lots of hugs and chocolate! It's time to take a breather, Talynn. You have more than earned it.

  12. Never give up. Ever!

    The fact that you're getting requests means you're on the right track, and just haven't found a home for it yet. So, evaluate what the rejections say, retool it if you need to, and then keep on going!

    Oh, and listen to this song after each rejection comes in. I listened to this bad boy nearly 50 times and can say without a doubt, it totally helps :).

    Christi Corbett

  13. I received 124 rejections for my novel - then in the space of one week I had seven offers!!

    Your agent is around the corner. Be positive.

  14. Sometimes we just hit those low points, but we just need a little chocolate therapy, a hug, and a reminder that we can do this. It takes time, but it is totally worth it. :)

  15. Have some wine with me. You bring wine, I've got French truffles and other noms.

  16. Hey, I just came over here to say I enjoyed the 7 sentence teaser you left on my blog last week, so that's one thing you can feel happy about :) But maybe you do need a little bit of a break anyway? Everyone needs them every now and then :)

  17. Hey, don't give up!! You can't give up now! 12 rejections doesn't solely mean rejection-- that's 12 agents who saw potential! Like everyone else said, your agent could be just around the corner :)

    If you need chocolate, I can hook you up. Legit. You know that haha.

  18. It's tough out there, but we do this for the love of art and creativity. We want to share our art with the world, but even when others don't share your vision, you know you have produced a work of art no one else can duplicate. You know you have created a world and the people who exists in that world. Of all the people on this planet, only story-tellers can make that claim.

  19. Remember that the agent's responses are all subjective. Don't write for them. Write for you. If one of them happens to fall in love, consider it a bonus.

  20. I love you being real! It is a tough world to be creative. We never know what they want, and who they are sometimes is another issue! They are a difficult panel to impress~ Be the best you and don't give up...I hope the chocolate soothed your frazzled nerves! Sip up and put your big girl boots on. You need to kick your bad mood to the corner and work on what speaks to you, right now! (((hugs)))


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