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Genre: YA
Word Count: 70,000


Brier has a secret: She can speak her dreams into existence. After a frightening childhood event, she’s learned to keep her talent hidden, and she’ll do whatever it takes to prevent her dreams from taking shape.
But that all changes when Keller Temms comes to town. Enigmatic and brooding, he’s a foster child with a guarded past, yet he draws her like nothing else.
Suddenly, Brier's closely controlled life is thrown off balance as her dreams take on a life of their own—even showing up at Grayson High without warning. When agents from a secret dream lab come after her, Brier must push the boundaries of her dreamspeaking abilities in ways she never imagined possible.
As the danger escalates, Brier must decide if Keller can be a trusted ally or if he’s the reason she’s a target in the first place.

THE DREAMSPEAKER'S DIARY is a 70,000 word YA novel with series potential. It features paranormal elements combined with a strong female protagonist. 

Jenny is the co-owner of Luminary Creative Media, where she acts as a scriptwriter and assists on set. She has written and voiced national commercial spots, but her first passion is novel writing. She is actively pursuing publication while writing her first YA fantasy, FURTHERON.

First Page: 

If I’m not careful, they’ll come for me and take me away. That’s what my mother told me the one and only time we talked about my condition. That memory is buried deep in my mind, so old that it’s hazy around the edges. Back then the lines between my dreams and reality often blurred—until I got it all under control.

But it’s happening again, and the more my control slips, the more I think that what she said is true--and that they may still come for me after all.
-Brier Yardleigh
Dream Diary, entry 1

Chapter 1

When I turned six, I learned the monsters in my closet were real—but what scared me most was realizing I had put them there.

This is my first thought when I wake in the basement closet sprawled beside the baseboards. My fingers trace the grooves of claw marks—in the place my mother couldn’t cover with paint. Her words from that night come back to me and I’m reminded that, as scary as the creature in the closet was, the people who will come for me if I’m discovered are worse. My second thought is that I have to get my dreamspeaking under control, because this is the third time this week I’ve woken up in the damn closet.

The floor creaks and a light switches on.

“Brier?” My sister’s muffled voice reaches me beyond a wall of old coats.

Squinting against the sudden brightness, I scramble out on my hands and knees.  


  1. When I was a little kid, my brother told me I must keep the closet doors closed because that's where all the "dream people" lived. How dare you walk into my past and thrill me with it!
    I'd love to see the first five chapters of this work, sent to me directly: terrie(at)akaliteraryllc(dot)com.

    Looking forward,


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