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Title: Entrusted
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Word Count:

When seventeen year old Emma's best friend turns out to be protective spirit, she never imagined he was sent to save her from her boyfriend Luke.  Emma may not have a family and lived in group homes her whole life, but even she knows love shouldn’t come at a price.  In an attempt to escape Luke’s obsessive control, Emma is pulled into a world of Native American legend, and hidden powers of telepathy begin to emerge.   Able to hear the thoughts of those around her would be an advantage, that is if Luke wasn’t able to block her.  As her powers grow stronger she learns about Skinwalkers—witches who alter their shape to wreak havoc on humans.  And Luke is one of them.  Disguised as a raven, Luke watches, waiting until Emma turns eighteen so he can reclaim the powers that are rightfully his, even if it means killing everyone in his way.
When Emma meets Solomon, a young medicine man, he offers her protection. But knowing what happened to the last person she befriended and unsure of Solomon’s true intentions, she pushes him away.  When the connection with Solomon and his family becomes too strong, Emma knows she can’t turn her back on her first chance at real love.  She must learn to use the powers she’s been entrusted to defeat Luke, or risk losing the only family she has ever known.   

First Page:
Before the car had come to a complete stop I knew whoever was inside had a hold on me. 
 “Is that a new one?” Greg slid off the trunk of my car and started stretching for our run
“Guess so.” I shrugged.
The car pulled along the sidewalk and the man driving got out. I followed Greg to the grass and attempted to look casual even though my heart was racing.
“Put your tongue back in your mouth. You haven’t even seen who’s in there yet. Maybe it’s a girl,” he teased. Greg was my running partner and the only real friend I’d ever had.
“There’s just something…” I let my voice trail off when the back door to the car opened and a boy about my age stepped out.
My heart pulled in my chest when my eyes fell on the large black and purple bruise covering the side of his face.  His lip was split open and a faint line of stitches held a gash across his cheek closed.  I wanted to see his eyes, to know that whatever had happened to him hadn’t broken him.  But he kept his head cast down.  He hoisted his bag over his shoulder and followed the man into the yard.
“Hey Emma.” The case worker nodded at me.
“Hey.” I raised my chin in a quick nod.
They walked up to the front door just as Mrs. Farrar, the head of my Therapeutic Group Home, opened it.


  1. Okay! If you are up for a challenge, I would love to see the first five chapters sent as an attachment directly to me. Terrie(@)akaliteraryllc(dot)com at your soonest convenience!
    Thank you,

  2. I think I would like to see the first three chapters of this one, too!

    Brittany Booker


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