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Sit Down and Write... My Little Penguins! Swap and Follow Blog Hop!

Are you all alone in your blogging world? Are you looking for followers to join in on all the fun you are having? I hope you so - looking for followers, anyway! And I hope you enjoy my blog enough that you click that little follow this blog button! I'll follow you back. I promise!

Penguins from
Now, here's my writing tip for the day!

Take a few moments and sit down and simply write. Write whatever comes to mind. This is what I am doing right now and I'll show what happens:

A ship
Take a trip
History in the making
Time Travel
Silk Dresses
Loving to hate

Now, these are the ideas that just popped into my mind as I wrote. No meditating. No reading someone else's book or article. I started with the word ship and simply wrote down the first thing that popped into my mind. Now, I am going to take a couple of the thoughts and turn them into a one line idea that I may be able to expound on in the near future.

A ship- Like the Titanic. Unsinkable, yet not promised and someone actually paid the passengers to gamble with their lives.

Take a trip- To an exotic island where a known murderer has been hiding for 5 years, alone, and wants to make things right with his victims family, but is tempted to take on the visitors to his island.

History in the making- A cure has been discovered for Aids, but at what risk to the developers of the cure?

Vintage - A young girl becomes enamored with a vintage trunk that contains a vintage dress and finds it holds more secrets than she can bear to reveal to others: the secrets may jeopardize her family and her life.

Retro - A disco? Hmm... A novel set in 1960, centered around the mystery of a missing boy.


Time Travel - A young girl dreams of traveling back in time to the day her mother died. She is trapped in the time machine and must continually live the day over and over until she realizes...

Silk dresses -  A young Victorian lady falls in love with her neighbor, only to learn that he has a secret identity.

See how I took a simple word or phrase and turned it into an idea?


  1. Had to double share this post - loved it. Of course my other blog, Write 4 Ten, promotes these little spontaneous blurbs based upon one word phrase. Like you, I believe these help our overall creativity.

  2. WOW!!! You have some major ideas going here!! Can I borrow your brain??? LOL! :)

    1. The only problem with that is I lose my head do much, if I loaned it to you, I wouldn't remember who I gave it to!!!

  3. That's a great way to generate story ideas!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Debbie!
      I'm working on a few of these ideas:)

  5. Wonderful ideas and post! Never even thought that a simple object can turn into something that you can write about!

    By the way, I'm a new followed my blog so I had to turn the favor :)

    1. Hi Livia! Thanks for the follow:) nice to have you in my bloggy family:)

  6. Oh, I like how you turned some random ideas into a mini-story... :) Thanks for visiting my blog through the blog hop! It seems that you had a hard time to give me a follow, but even if you're not on wordpress you can follow my blog by suscribing via email. The button is on my sidebar. Hope this helps!

    1. Ok, I'll stop by and join up via email. Thanks for the tip:) and thanks for visiting:)

  7. What a fun blog post! I wish my writing ideas would come to me with that much clarity!

    1. Hi Giulia! Thanks for visiting and joining my blog;)

  8. Isn't it neat what the subconscious can come up with when we get out of its way and let it go to work? I love stream-of-consciousness writing and brainstorming! And I also love what you came up with out of just those few ideas.

    1. I agree I like it when my muse cooperates with me:). Thanks for visiting!

  9. Fun post with some great ideas going on. LOVE those penguins just so cute!

    1. I have a thing for penguins, thanks to my youngest son:)


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