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WIP it Good Blogfest

Thanks to DL Hammons for organizing this blogfest. When I read about it, I was really super excited because I was working on a WIP and couldn't wait to share some things about it. So, without further delay, lets get to the heart of the matter!!

Word Count (projected/actual so far): Hope to reach 70,000
Genre: Adult Historical w/romantic elements

How long have you been working on it?:

Just in the outlining stages, planning and pulling ideas together with only about one-third written.

Elevator Pitch (if you came across an agent in an elevator ride, what couple of lines would you use to summarize your book):
Before the Hatfields and McCoys, the French and Eversole feuds bloodied the hollers of Hazard, Kentucky.

Brief Synopsis (250 words or less):

Before the Hatfields and McCoys, the French and Eversole feuds bloodied the hollers of Hazard, Kentucky. Sadie Eversole will do anything to prove she loves Clay French, even if it breaks her father’s heart. With her sister’s help, she must figure out how to change his mind to stop devastating consequences.

Clay promised to never love again after his wife died in childbirth, until he meets Sadie who lives on the wrong side of the holler. Choosing her means loving the enemy, but when Clay’s childhood sweetheart visits from Nashville, his heart is torn between true love and old flames.


Sadie shares the spot of oldest daughter with her twin Nandrie, so she prides herself being the first engaged of five sisters. Nandrie answered a mail order bride advertisement, but influenza strikes Hazard and Nandrie is too sick to travel. When Sadie is dumped, she’s asked to go in Nandrie’s place.

Clay wants a wife, so placing an ad sparked hope, and Nandrie answered his proposal. He carried her picture with him during the Great War and thoughts of her saved him. She’s holding secrets and Clay must learn what they are before she changes her mind and returns home.

Are you looking for a Critique Partner?: I have an amazing CP!! But if anyone happens to be a historical buff, it may help with authentic writing. Or if you are interested, let me know

Are you looking for a Beta Reader?: Who doesn't need beta readers?!


  1. Second synopsis is better. I've always heard to focus on one main character.
    Worse than the Hatfield and McCoys? Now that's a bloody battle.

    1. Thing is, it's based on a true story, and it's my family history:)

  2. I'm with Alex. This sounds like a great story, and I'm kinda sad you're only in the outlining stages. Get writing!

    1. My pen writes faster than I can keep up with all the ideas swarming around. Wait. Maybe my ideas pop up faster than my ink can write...

  3. I concur with everyone else...get jiggy with it!!

    Thank you for sharing this with us today! :)

  4. Sounds pretty interesting! Can't wait to hear more. So...when is there going to be more? ;)

    The Other Side

  5. I get the feeling reading this story would teach me some new things - for e.g., what the heck 'the holler' is. :) I'm Australian so I don't know!!

  6. ^^ I don't know what a holler is (I'm from New England) but I am still in love with this pitch! I may not be good with historical stuff (after Alexander the Great, anyway--before that, hit me up!) but I'd still love to CP this one for you :)

  7. Sounds Romeo and Juliet-esque! Very interesting synopses, but the first edges it for me. I would also like to find out about "the holler"!

  8. Definitely love the first pitch--sounds like an awesome read, and I love a good historical!

  9. Second synopses appeals to me. I am also at a loss as to what a holler is?

  10. Aww, I miss Kentucky! Would love to visit again soon!


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