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ISWG April Post

I think the more I try and slow time down, the faster it goes! Why?

Sometimes I wonder if there really is fruit in my effort? I mean, no matter how hard I try, like slowing time down, it just doesn't work. where's the benefits? Where's the proof? What do I have to show for my efforts?

Then, I have to sit back and realize, maybe I'm trying to change the wrong things. I mean, seriously, I can't change time, slow it down. That's an impossible task, so why do I try so hard to stop it? To time back, or slow it down. It. Can't. Be. Done.

When I concentrate on the impossible, I overlook the the possible.

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So, I have taken inventory of my life, my goals, and the things that matter. The things I *can* change and the things I *can* produce fruit for later use.

I'm no longer going to worry about the things out of my reach.
I'm no longer going to concern myself with things I can not change.
I'm no longer going to devote my time to things that do not matter.

Now, that's one insecurity I no longer have to carry around in my pocket!

How are you doing today?

Visit Alex for a list of others participating in this months insecurity support group:)


  1. That's the attitude! If you can't control it, why worry?

    1. I think I';; adopt the attitude, "Let them eat cake." Wait. What does that have to do with anything? Oh. I know. I want some cake....

  2. You are on the right track. Yep, don't worry. Eat chocolate, laugh, and learn Possumese. Take life easy. Life's too short to worry, dude. Heh heh.

  3. I'm glad to report that not every day is a struggle. It's exhausting though. I think that's just one reason why IWSG is so important. We need to stick together, and that means simply the first Wednesday of every month, I'm here. Kudos to you. You can't tell, but I'm cheering for you.

  4. It's hard to be in the industry sometimes, or even trying to be. Why is it worth it? Why, why, why should we at all pursue this path? I think going back to loving reading or loving writing and then just doing it FOR FUN really helps. It at least helps me. :-) You got this, Ink.

  5. Great post! Thanks for sharing. Your perspective brought to mind the Serenity Prayer. Control is a tricky web and I have learned that letting go is sometimes the only path that can be taken "let go and let God."

  6. I am always trying to live in the moment-- the next 60 seconds. I think it's when my brain plans ahead that time just rushes by. I'm so focused on what needs to happen tonight, tomorrow, next week or next year, that I don't take the time to really feel the present.

  7. This seems like a great attitude to have. I'll try and follow your example. Happy IWSG day!

  8. It is hard not being in control, isn't it? I know, I struggle with the same thing: the what are you going to do's when you know there is nothing you can do.

  9. This is a hard lesson to learn. Kudos to you for getting it so fast! ;) Good luck on your endeavors this fine May

  10. I love this post! You are so right. I think that's a weakeness of mine--I concentrate too much on the impossible.

    Lynda R Young
    IWSG co-host

  11. Good approach! If you can't change it, why to worry? and If you can change it, why to worry? Just go change it. And suddenly one can relax. :)

  12. I love your attitude, Talynn! I keep working on this insecurity, and I'm slowly getting better. I enjoyed finding your blog through my IWSG co-hosting today! Have a good one!


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