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Tuesday's Tinted Ink

It feels wonderful to be back to posting on my regular schedule! I had such a fabulous time during the A to Z Challenge. I met a ton of new blog friends and found some great blogs to stalk:)


I love my regular posts and I'm glad I'll be getting back into the groove of things!

So for today, I'm getting back to tinted ink, those creative ideas and inspirations that add color to your writing!

I am planning a short series on VOICE. I'm inspired by the contest, The Writer's Voice

You remember my post from a few days ago? The one where I posted my query and first 250 words? Well, guess who picked me to coach me and help me make my entry perfectly lyrical and lovely? Yes!! Brenda Drake! I'm so honored to be on her team!! Wish me luck, beautiful guys and dolls because I feel a breath of fresh air headed my way!!

Anyway...back to Voice

How do you find your voice? How do you know when it's perfectly in tune? Here's a few tips:

Be true to yourself and to your unique style. Copying someone else style is a no go for finding YOUR voice. I have copied others before, while learning the craft. I think it's a great way to learn how to get into your own tenor notes, or bass notes, or right on key. But don't copy. What do I mean?

Don't mimic another author and try to pass it off as your own. I love listening to my favorite artists, bands and groups and belting out my favorite songs, a la famous style. But when I sing it myself, in front of an audience, it's all me. I practice, rehearse, try again, work out the sour notes, and do it all on my own.

But I learned it from a professional first. Then I took what I learned and made it me. All me. No copying.

Do it with your writing and watch you voice begin to shine through!

What about you? How did you discover your voice?


  1. I have to say when you talk about mimcing authors. I did that as a kid. I'd read so much of X's books and then try to write in their style. I obviously didn't push any of it (I was about 12 at the time - the internet still had dial-up and a phone was huge ;)) but I DID learn and eventually find my voice through doing that. :-) Great post and congrats on getting into The Writers Voice!!! :-)

    1. Thank you Rachel. I did the same thing. I actually use this method in teaching my kids to write. I love to watch their writing blossom into their own after learning from the great men and women of old.

  2. Ooh good luck in the contest!

  3. Voice- I'm still working on that. I have rewritten chapter one so many times- even though I have the entire novel written. I finally just threw my hands up and my leading lady came to me and started talking- I finally found hers...LOL

    1. I've done that numerous times. When I let the MC talk, tho, it comes easily and naturally!

  4. My favorite quote about voice is from "Good Prose" by Kidder and Todd: The term 'voice' appears constantly in criticism today. Sometimes people use it interchangeably with 'style', but usually it is supposed to mean more, often nothing less than the writer's presence on the page. The term indeed may soon buckle under the weight it is asked to bear. Certainly it has become discomforting to hear writers speak about their own voices. You cannot, must not, try to design and create a voice. The creation of voice is the providential result of the writer's constant self-defining and self-refining inner dialogue. When it happens, let someone else tell you, and be grateful.

    I love that quote and always try to keep it in mind when I'm striving too hard to find my "voice".

    1. I love that quote. Thank you for sharing it with me:)

  5. Hi:

    Good luck in the contest!

    I discovered my voice by writing and rewriting. Believe it or not, I used to try to smother my voice because I found it too different from other authors I admired. The more I did that, the less my writing felt like me, so I returned to writing in my voice. I'm insecure in my writing at times, but you're right in advising that your voice only gets stronger when it's your own, not a passed-off copy of someone else's.

    Great post. :-)


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