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CQ Carnival: Amy Fecteau's Blood Drive

A blood drive? At a carnival? Why not? When characters in certain books need to raise the awareness for the need of blood donations, what better place to host a blood drive?

Or booth's host name is Quinn. He is a character out Lisa Fecteau's novel, published by Curiosity Quills.

In case you are wondering, he's a Roman Soldier!!!! He's rather, er, different I guess you could say. And it was all his idea to host a blood drive. I'm not for sure who or what organization he's collecting for, but I'm sure it will all be for a good cause. If you want to know more, hop on over to CQ headquarters and get Amy's book!!

Photo by Free Digital Photos

And so for this blood drive, you really won't be giving blood. But please, give a piece of advice. Any type of writing advice. You're a writer, right? I'm sure you have some kind of advice for new writers, or seasoned writers, too. After all, a writer never stops learning!

Let's have a successful blood drive. What are you going to donate???


  1. Hmm... where do I begin. LOL

    My blog is aimed at new writers. You might enjoy going there and nosing around.

    One piece of advice would be to read good books on the craft and find a few good critique partners. Good luck! :)

    IWSG #179 (At least until Alex culls the list again. :P)

    1. Thanks Melissa! I visited your blog and happily decided to follow. Thanks for the advice!


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