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WIP'ed Ink

Hey beautiful guys and dolls! How are you today?

I've recovered from vacation.

I'm working on the recovery of my son's wedding...My first son is married...*sniff sniff*

Thanks for all the lovely comments of encouragement during my moment of insanity yesterday. Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to get around the discouragement of writers block. Yes, I'm one of those who believe you can face that wall of "I have no idea what to write next."

I've found that the best way to overcome my "I don't feel like writing" moods is to offer a workshop on writing. Talking about the writing process and interacting with those who write, too, pulls me out of my slump.

So, in honor of and in preparation Camp NanoWrimo, I'm offering: HELP ME WRITE A SCENE!!

I'm putting in an advance notice.  I'll be starting a new workshop next week. I'm going to be discussing scenes and how to work them into a fully loaded chapter! The name of the workshop is

Thank you, Flickr Commons

Go ahead a spread the word, and sign up in the comment section below if you are interested!

I'll post ALL the info, class schedules, and the class outline int he next few days. Make sure you stop by for everything you need to know:)


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