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Insecure Writers Group June

Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday:) and welcome to my Insecure Writers Support Group Post!

This group was founded by Alex J. Cavanaugh and I joined over a year ago. And it's the one time of month I can whine and get away with it!

So my insecurities this month?

Well, as usual, it involves rejection. But this month, my feelings about rejection have changed. It's past the "well, my feelings have been hurt because I was rejected."

Now, I'm beginning to wonder, "Is something wrong with my writing?"

I've learned so much in the past few months, working as an intern for Blue Ridge Literary. My writing techniques have grown in leaps and bounds. As I edit others work and answer their questions about writing, I'm like, "Hey, that helped me!"

While I have my insecurities and wonder when my day in publishing will come, I see the growth I'm making and feel content I'll make it one day, one way or the other:)

So what about you, beautiful guys and dolls? What is it you've laid on the line today? In advance, here's a (((hug))) and little sprinkle of inky glitter for you today!


  1. I think the thing to be careful of, when judging yourself by those rejections, is that there are many, many considerations that go into choosing a work for agents, editors, contest organizers, etc.

    They may not be selecting your story because it isn't a good fit for their vision, or because they don't specifically know a publisher who it would fit with--or maybe because of some personal bias or opinion. Which are all fine and part of the business, but it can make a writer very uneasy about what they do.

    My general perspective is this: You'll know when it's good enough. How? When you're truly honest with yourself about the feedback you're getting from betas, critters, writing groups, etc. When they point something out that might need some work, is it a big thing? Or something that you aren't even sure how to fix?

    (Check your gut and your reading sense--is it a problem that would annoy the heck out of you as a reader?) If it is big, or so broad you aren't quite certain how to fix it, you're probably not quite ready.

    However, if all you're getting in the way of writing feedback is, "This is fantastic and only needs a few small things to make it truly shine." then your writing is probably where it needs to be.

    I believe most writers think mastering the craft comes when they can write a perfect story the first--or even the third--time through. My experience is that you don't really start to get a handle on things until you know how to fix all of the stuff you naturally screw up. :)

  2. I haven't submitted a MS , but go through plenty of rejections with the essays or articles I submit. Fortunately, there are enough acceptances to help me keep it all in perspective. I think I've had so many rejections they no longer phase me as much. It's a very subjective world out there.

  3. glad to hear you're learning so much with your new internship. Keep it up, I'm sure you'll be making a big announcement sooner than you think.

  4. The internship sounds like a great opportunity. Keep writing and you will get there. Don't give up! As for your writing, you can write a really great book but if it isn't what the market wants right now publishers won't accept it. Keep writing! Good luck!

  5. I haven't reached the submission stage yet, but I'm terrified of rejection. I can't stand the thought of someone not liking my writing, but I'll have to get over it eventually, I guess!

  6. What EJ said. Also: I think interning helped me see how many people can't write a good story and how picky agents and editors, etc. have to be!

  7. Hugs and inky glitter? Thank you! I feel all sparkly now! (Or inky? Either way, it's a happy feeling.)

    I'm just embarking on my own submission process (shorto stories and poems, no novel yet) and will undoubtedly be expreincing the same fears as you once those rejections start rolling in.

    If you know you're learned, then don't doubt- just keep learning. You will improve and you WILL one day get an acceptance letter. Keep writing!

  8. If you can see growth, then your day will come! Just keep writing and don't give up.

  9. Keep on growing and learning and you will get there I'm sure.

    IWSG co-host

  10. I consider rejection love a badge of honor. We made it that far, we have the balls to submit. It may have nothing to do with the quality of your writing. As EJ said, there's a myriad reasons.

  11. I've just gotten a big batch of rejections. It can be rough. But we stick together and keep going, eh? ;)

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah, With Joy)

  12. Now it can't be all sugar and flowers all the time. Sometimes we need salty and spicy snacks too, along with some good healthy potted plants.

  13. What I have learnt over the years is that rejection is ENTIRELY subjective.

  14. New Follower. Hi congrats on being an intern and best of luck getting published. Thanks for the glitter.

    Blog: Queendsheena
    IWSG Co-host


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