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Pitcharama Entry

Manuscript Title: REFRACTION
Author: Talynn
Age group: YA
Genre: Thriller
Word count: 54,000 words
250 word blurb:
Pretending to be someone else has its difficulties. Seventeen-year-old Prism Chase thought it would be fun until the game turns deadly. She has exactly forty-eight hours to stop her charades and come clean about who she really is or people will die.

After she witnesses the murder of a government official, Prism goes into the witness protection program. Still scared that she isn’t safe, she comes up with a brilliant plan. She secretly switches places with another girl in the program who is on the run from a crazed bounty hunter. Instead of hiding, though, Prism steps right into the hands of the man who murdered the official.

As hours dwindle, Prism must figure out how to escape from the enemy, who is playing the part of protector and thinks she is someone else. Deeper secrets surface when Prism discovers her fake hideout is the battlegrounds for a pending war and the girl she swapped places with is the reason for the battle. Now, Prism must prove she’s not the girl she’s pretending to be, but in doing so, she risks not only her life, but the life of the girl she traded identities with, who has secrets of her own. 


  1. Love this part:
    Instead of hiding, though, Prism stepped right into the hands of the man who murdered the official.
    Sounds exciting! Good luck to you!


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