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Tuesday's Tinted Ink

Let's add some tint to our ink and get creative. How is it an author can write in colored ink? Be original? Be unique? find the write twist that makes writing stand out from the others?

Thank you, Flickr Creative Commons Artists

--> When asked to explain what point of view is, I always say it’s like putting a video camera in the hand of the MC. You want the reader to only see or hear what that character experiences.  A deeper point of view helps the reader bond with a character, thus making them care about what's going on in the story. In essence, this lets the reader actually "become" the MC and allows him to feel like he is in the story, with all the characters, living what they are living.

This means, as you write, you want to include everything the MC is feeling, thinking, doing, experiencing. And don't simply tell us your MC is happy. What would you MC say and do if he were happy? Whistle? Skip? Talk incessantly? What do they do, beyond smiling or laughing? Show the reader that, and you've mastered the art of deep point of view in the respect of sharing your MC's feelings.

Let the reader really experience your MC and you will find a loyal reaer, who will come back again and again to read your books.


  1. A video camera in his hands - good analogy!

    1. Thanks, Alex. Thinking that way helps me remember not to put other characters thoughts there.

  2. Good advice on first person! I love that image, too! :D

  3. I recently attended a "show don't tell" workshop. I swear this is a hangup with me. I write mostly nonfiction, creative nonfiction, which is by its nature more tell, but is always made better with showing.


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