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I'm running behind, guys. Sorry!

Hey all you beautiful guys and dolls! I've had a personal invasion from a body snatcher!!

Okay. Not really. But I have had a few obstacles jump up and I will not be back from my holiday until Wednesday. I feel really bad about the delay, but life does happen and sometimes things can't be avoided or changed.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience of the missed workshop classes.

PLEASE don't lose faith or give up on the workshop. I'm coming back!

I also have the winner from the first two sentence mentor workshop. I promise to announce the winner and the prize on Wednesday:)

Don't throw rocks at me! We all live life, right?

Thank you for understanding. (I hope)


  1. Hello! :) Glad to have you back! (almost!) and while it's going to just about kill me not to know until Wednesday, Life is often difficult and bizarre and I will be patiently impatient until you return! See you then!

  2. I thought it had been a while and I was getting a little sad! It's good to have you back :-D

  3. no worries. We'll *see* you on wednesday!

  4. Hope your holiday was spectacular last week! Wow, look at your NaNo success over there to the right! And PiBo?? Inspiring. :)

  5. We all needed a little down time. All is well. Take your time, breathe deep and then come back to us. We miss you.

  6. No worries! Life has a tendency to send us reminders we can't live in the worlds we create all the time. I was beginning to worry about you, so glad you woke up breathing! See you Wednesday! I'll be here with bells on.

  7. Down time is a wonderful thing. Hope you're enjoying yours, and I look forward to seeing you back on Wednesday! :)


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