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Operation Agent Ink Remaining Schedule

I hope you are ready for a busy month! And I hope you are ready to get your submission package together for our lovely agents who want your manuscripts! I hope everyone made it on someone's wishlist!

I might as well just get down to business and post the schedule. I'm sure you are tired of waiting!

Monday January 7 Query Letter Techniques

Jan. 10 Query Letter Tips
        11 Query Hook and Your Bio
        14 Query Letter Dissection, w/ Agent input
        15 Query Letter Critique
        16 Query Letter Revision

        17 Twitter Party: Ask an Agent about Submission Packages

        18 Contest and Giveaways

        21-25 Agent Interviews
        28-31 Preparing Your Partial

Feb. 1 What is a Synopsis
        4 Final Polishing 
        5 Final Query Review
        6 Final Synopsis Review
        7 Last minute advice
        8, 9 Pitch Party!!

So, how does this sound to everyone? Busy times, but exciting times, right?

Please, please! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Oh, and also somewhere squeezed in here will be another post listing our agents and their wish lists! I think we'll have a few more surprise agents joining us!!


  1. I'm not sure where else to ask this, so I will here and hope someone knows the answer or who might.

    My novel's story is really awesome. The problem I'm having is that i can't figure out how to present it. There are two story lines at first in which the MMC and FMC have interaction and are friends. Their story lines are separate, but connected by their friendship and, unbeknownst to them, her boyfriend. But then their story lines merge into one when they find out that the FMC's boyfriend is a driving factor in both of their lives. Her story line is one of escaping from an abusive relationship. The MMC's storyline is paranormal. When their lines merge, of course it goes the way of paranormal. From that point, they both learn a lot about themselves.

    I can't figure out how to summarize this so that it doesn't sound clunky. In the manuscript it works well. It's all introduced gradually and you get to know both MCs and their lives and the merge feels natural. Very different beginnings, but a shared destiny.

    I don't know if this is a synopsis issue (it actually makes sense in the query!!), or if there's just plain too much going on in the book. I can summarize it up as abused girl escapes boyfriend she doesn't realize is a werewolf hellbent on annihilating vampires, runs to the arms of her best friend who she finds out is a vampire, and together they have to find a coven the werewolf and his pals are seeking and along the way she gains confidence, self-esteem, and enough courage to turn the tables on her ex. But in more words it sounds wrong!

    Synopsis issue or too much in one book?

    1. Hi Alys,
      I hope January will be the answer for your question. We will be working on query letters and synopsis, so hopefully you'll get your answer during the workshop.

      For my query and synopsis, I HAD to have both FMC and MMC , so I found a creative way to tell both stories from one POV. I'll be sharing mine during the workshop so maybe you'll see what I mean. Thanks for asking:)

    2. That sort of how it is. Then the trick comes in in that they don't share the same story line for part of it. But downplaying one completely destroys the story.

      For the query I could go more with hers. But the synopsis has to tell the whole story in little space. Not easy to do with complex relations between characters and story lines. I can get it out there, but it's just lacking cohesiveness, I think.


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