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Agent Interview #1

Good Morning you beautiful guys and dolls! Today, we have the first AGENT INTERVIEW from Operation Agent Ink. How exciting!

Please be patient with the contest results. There were multiple ties and I had to draft a tie breaker reader. As soon as she sends me the results, I'll post the winner list. It will be today. I promise!

Our first interview is from Brittany Booker with the Booker Albert Literary Agency. She is awesome! and so is her interview!

You can ask questions, so read, enjoy, then get nosy!

          When did you decide you wanted to be a literary agent? What helped you make that decision?

    I first decided I wanted to be an agent after I wrote my first book and ran across Marisa Corvisiero. She asked to see the manuscript. When I realized how awesome her job must be, I asked how one becomes a literary agent, she then offered to teach me the ropes. It all escalated from there. I love my job, and I love to read. I feel like I’ve picked the right place to be in my life.

 What's your favorite book? Why? Who's your favorite author? Again, why?

 I have many favorite books. I would say that The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is probably my favorite. I love the humor in his writing along with the fact he takes such a serious matter as cancer, and gives it a love story. It’s amazing.  Oh, and Waiting on Normal by Leslie Conner, that book made me cry, laugh and smile. I guess one of my favorite author’s would be John Green and Alyson Noel. I really like her voice.

  Do you see a common mistake among new authors in their submission package?

 I would say just not reading what I am interested in before submitting. I get a lot of children’s books and I do not represent children’s books. I’ve received memoirs and it clearly states on my interest that I DO NOT take those. That’s probably the main issue I have with submissions.

  Do you have a favorite genre?

 YA is my favorite. I love YA Contemporary books. They make me smile. I have also been looking for a good YA time travel, I’ve received two that I’m reading at the moment that are interesting!

How important is it to you for an unpublished author to have an established platform and brand? Is social media a real must for a writer?

   Nowadays it is a must. I don’t necessarily make a decision on whether I take on a book if they have a platform or not, but it helps so much. I give my clients a to-do list and Facebook, Twitter and a blog is on there. They might not have one when I take them on, but I expect them to get them while I’m pitching their material.

And last, but certainly not least, please let us know what you would love to find during the pitch opportunity.

   I really want a good YA Contemporary novel that attract boys. I’m working with an author now on one, but I think you can’t get enough of them. They are needed, because there aren’t nearly enough of them. I would also love to find a great Contemporary Romance that makes me keep turning pages, and I’m always on the lookout for a good YA anything!


  1. I know when I signed the contract for my first book with my publisher that it was a stipulation that I get my butt online - which I did!

  2. Great interview! TFIOS has an amazing balance of humour, poignancy, sadness, and romance it is incredible to read. Think it's one of my favourites too!


  3. Great interview! Thanks for posting:) I'll come back for more of these!

  4. Wonderful interview, Talynn, good work!

    Sounds like a challenge to all the authors out there, a YA book for the boys!


  5. Nice insight :) Well done, Brittany and Talynn.

  6. Really interesting interview thank you both!

  7. Great interview! Thanks to both of you. :) YA for boys and time travel seems to be in high demand at the moment.

  8. You know what's been surprising about my manuscript? My guy betas have been living it. As one put it, it's a relief not having the guy the girl has feelings for be an ass. (That is NOT a spoiler.) I'll add Ms. Booker to my query list.

    Does it help at all to already be online a lot? If two submissions are pretty close in interest, but the one that is just a smidgeon less so is by a writer who's been working to establish online presence and the other hasn't been, would that help at all, or is the effort a writer does that's not writing or editing not matter in the end?


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