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Time to Get Serious

Okay, my long winter nap is over and I'm ready to write again. How about you guys?

2012 was year of mixed emotions. In my writing world, I feel I had more success than failure. My personal life had more downs than up. but I'm not here to discuss that!

My reflections:
I started this blog in February 2012. No followers, no one commenting and no readers. Now I have several followers!
I've met some amazing people and many I can call friends, though I've never "met" them.

2012 was a learning year for me:
I learned what a query letter was and I learned why they are important.
I discovered the joy of writing in a serious manner.
I learned about Twitter  (but not how to use it effectively!)
I learned how to plot a book rather than just sit down and write

My plans for a new Ink in the Book:
I have a writing schedule and have planned posted for certain days. Instead of just randomly posting things on a whim, I have a schedule I will adhere to. This is not like me. I'm really not a very well organized person. But I have learned I need some structure when it comes to my blog, so I will be posting on a regular basis with specific goals to reach during the week.

2013 Blogging schedule:

Monday's Mixed Ink: This will be various topics and discussions that involve writing

Tuesday's Ink Tint: This will be topics of inspiration and creativity

Wednesday's Inky WIP: For all those WIPS out there, Wednesday's posts will discuss writing tips

Thursday and Friday will be left open. I may use these days to be lazy, get involved in Social Media, visit with friends, or blog about my personal life. Or I may write all day. Or sleep. Wait, now I'm dreaming! hehe:)

I do have some exciting news for Ink in the Book. Yes, really exciting! Beginning February 18, there will be a new members only online writing conference and workshop revving up here! Just as with Operation Agent Ink, there will be a follow-up with a pitch opportunity. This workshop, however, will be different. This workshop will be for beginners and we will write a book from beginning to end. We will start with brainstorming, outlining, character sketches, and ideas. We'll move to writing the beginning, working through the middle and finishing with a tension filled finale:) Then comes the fun part: editing and revising! hehe:) Last, we will polish. The end of the workshop will be devoted to the submission package and the end result will be a pitch opportunity straight to the agents.

The difference with this workshop is it will be open only to members and the workshops will be password/email protected. It will not be open on my blog. It will be 90 days of writing, one month of editing, one month of revisions, polishing and working on submission packages. So, it will be a FIVE month long process.

Also, I am debating about asking a membership fee of 10.00 a month. I know there are a ton of free places to get help like this, but for a five month long process, 50.00 really isn't a lot of money. Is it?

As for Operation Agent Ink, I'll post the remaining schedule tonight. This post has gotten long...I know some of you are anxious to see what happening this month, but I feel like Operation Agent Ink deserves it's own special post.

Happy New Day, beautiful guys and dolls!! See you again tonight:)


  1. Sounds like a plan! I think you can stick with the schedule.

  2. Writing is just such an exciting field, isn't it? We always learn more, the further that we go, and we never stop learning. It looks like you made large leaps in 2012, so I hope 2013 is even better for your writing!

    The blog schedule is such a great idea, and all of the different "days" seem like they will be fun, and really add to the blog. I'm looking forward to reading!

    Also, I don't think charging for the workshop is a bad thing. It sounds like a lot will be going on, and I'm sure everyone will get something great out of it.



  3. Wow, sounds like it will be an exciting year for you and Ink. Here's wishing you the best!

  4. I think someone needs to initiate an Ambitious Blogger Award and you should be the first recipient. Talynn, you are one, impressive cookie when it comes to writing vision and vision with this blog. Can't wait to see what 2013 holds for you!

  5. It's all a wonderful learning curve. I remember my first year of blogging. I was overjoyed to end it with 13 followers!

    Good luck for 2013!

  6. Good for you for going with a schedule. I tried once and couldn't do it :) haha Happy New Year!

  7. Schedules usually don't work for me, but I like the sound of yours:-) Cheers to 2013 and new beginnings!

  8. That's amazing, I always try to have some goals on the go, they're like dreams with deadlines. You're blog is really informative and I shall try and visit it more often this year:))


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