Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Workshop Preview

One tip to get you started:

It would be great if you had your own set of worksheets to use as you begin an awesome novel, right?

Go here to Writers Digest and download these for free. They are from Writers Digest and you can use them during our workshop. They are also included in the book Your Novel in 30 Days.

If you prefer not to use these worksheets, grab you a notebook. You'll need something to keep track of all your notes, edits and ideas during the workshop.

If you are a compter writer only, set up a folder just for Operation Agent Ink and our workshop. This way, you'll have all you stuff together.

I strongly suggest you get a notebook, though. Some of the Creative Inspirational ideas may not work on the computer. But however you decide to work through the workshop, keep it all together.

Getting excited! I hope to hear back from all the other agent soon, so I can post them.

I will tell you this...The agents so far, represent...

Hartline Literary Agency

The Seymour Agency

Curiosity Quills

FinePrint Literary Management

Kimberley Cameron & Associates


  1. That's quite a lineup, even for a partial list! Looking forward to it!

  2. Fantastic line-up!

    Also, I've downloaded the worksheets from Writer's Digest and they are great...especially for a "pantser" like me! =)


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