Monday, December 8, 2014

In which I tell the honest, raw truth

Hello beautiful guys and dolls! This post could get a little sloppy as I bare my soul and tell my heart. But I've needed to this for a long, LONG time. So, here goes...

Like all new writers, I started my journey with high hopes and big dreams. I wrote my first book, started a new blog, got a facebook, and eventually hopped on Twitter. I wrote helpful blog posts and shared amazing links, asked agents to join and help, hosted pitch parties, and even wrote my own workshops (times 2 or 3)

I visited blog after blog after blog and joined blog hop after blog hop. I admit, I was addicted to blog hops there for a LONG time. I wanted to make as many writing friends as I could because I needed advice and craved their knowledge.

I commented and encouraged and praised and hugged and sent virtual hugs and chocolate to as many blog/twitter friends as I possibly could. I knew I would probably need the favor returned when times got hard for me. If you're all honest, you'd probably admit the same thing.

I joined contests and signed up for workshops and conferences. I begged for critiques from anyone who would listen and returned the favor as much as possible.

I got a job as an editor, a ghostwriter, a blog post writer, a magazine article writer, and landed some amazing literary agent intern positions. (just to name a few writing jobs I hoped would add to my writing experiences and portfolio) I even had a couple PB books published on the Android platform, but the app didn't fair well and it was discontinued.

I was a writer and I wanted the world to know it.
I was going to become a best selling author.
My books were going to be made into movies.

I watched as friend after friend, writer after writer, critique person after critique person announced their success, their agent contracts, their published book.

Slowly, I watched as they all left me behind and joined the ranks of published writers. not just writers, but bona fide PUBLISHED authors.

I got embarrassed they were good enough and I was still learning.
I got discouraged with rejection after rejection.
I decided to give up my dream.


I couldn't.
I couldn't give up my writing.
My dream is still alive and waiting for me to reach it!

With all that said, I've made a very big decision.
I've hired a cuple of editors and...

I plan to SELF-PUBLISH 3 of my books!
Look for more information about my books as the details surface for me!!

PS. Okay. Maybe 3 is a little over zealous. Maybe I'll wait and see what my editors have to say before I decide on all 3. But ONE for sure. Now, I feel much more confident I can do this...

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