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Just letting all my lovely readers and followers know I am goooooone on VACATION so posting and reading my favorite blogs will be limited for the next few days!

Hope your weekend is fantastical everyone:) I'm sending you a post card. *i wish*

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Inciting Incident

Writing a good novel includes much more than a good story or a unique character. I think it goes hand in hand - the character and story, I mean. There must be a plot that is spell bounding and a character who is irresistible.

Then there is a setting that passes the normal and then you've got to be a good writer.

Lots of stuff to remember!

Somewhere in the beginning of your story, there needs to be an inciting incident. When I was first learning to write, I had no idea what that meant. Do you?

The inciting incident is the event or reason your MC decides he/she is ready to make a move to achieve. What is he achieving? Well, it could be the answer to a problem he is facing.


*The family safe is broken into and the MC must find out who stole the contents.

*Someone close to the MC dies and this forces the MC to live a new life, to strike out on his own.

*The MC finds an old letter, written to his Grandmother and it is mysterious. There is a map to a treasure. The MC ses out to look for it.

 I know these are generic incidents and kinda cheesy to boot, but I think you get my point.

What about you? What is the inciting incident that propels you MC, and therefore your story, forward? Something exciting? Mysterious? Frightening? Funny?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Be Inspired Meme

 Thank You Suezanne, from over at The Word is...blogspot ( for tagging me in the Inspired Meme. 

Here's your chance to learn a little bit about my manuscript I just finished working on:)

 What is the name of your book?


Where did the idea for your book come from?

An old fairy tale entitled The Pink. The story is about a king's son who can make a wish and it always comes true.

In what genre would you classify your book?

YA Historical Fantasy

If you had to pick actors to play your characters in a movie rendition who would you choose?

Alexander Ryan played by Josh Hutcherson
Prism Chase played by Christa B. Allen

Give us a one sentence synopsis of your book? 

He wished for revenge, but all she wanted was love.

Is your book already published?

No. I know. Sad, right?

How long did it take you to write your book?

I'm still working on this one. Edits, revisions, spell check... But I actually wrote this in about 3 weeks.

What other books within your genre would you compare it to? Or readers of which books would enjoy yours?

Perhaps author Elizabeth C. Bunce and her novel A Curse Dark As Gold
Author Jessica Day George and her novel Princess of the Midnight Ball

Mind you, I am not comparing my writing or my story with either of these wonderful authors, but for someone who enjoys a fairy tale retelling, they hopefully would love my book, to:)

Which authors inspired you to write this book?

I hope it doesn't sound like vanity, but I have to say me. I wrote another fairy tale mash-up retelling about Sleeping Beauty and an old Celtic myth and loved the concept of writing a fairy tale. I have ALWAYS had a soft spot for Princess stories but wanted to write something beside Snow White or Cinderella. The Pink got my attention because firstly, it was about a male MC and second of all, It was bittersweet. I love a story that moves me emotionally:)

Tell us anything that might pique our interest in your book?

The first three sentences from my query:

Most seventeen-year-old girls receive gifts for their birthdays. Not Prism Chase. She is the gift.

And here's a little more:

She's the wish maker, and she's tired of it. She wants to find someone who will love her because of who she is and not because she fulfills his every wish.

He is looking for revenge, not love. But can his anger be forgotten long enough to let her inside his heart? He doesn't realize it yet, but she may be more than what he wished for in every way imaginable. And none of it involves revenge. 

Who would I like to pass the torch on to?



Hey everyone and Good Morning!

I have some good news! Deana Barnhart has asked me to host a round in the Small Press Pitch Contest!

I'll be hosting Week #5 round one, held the week of

Monday, Oct 1st - Friday, Oct 5th  

Other news for this week:

1. I'll be posting my "Be Inspired" tag I received from Suzanne over at The Word is... Tuesday morning. Well actually I'll post it late tonight.

2. I joined Write Motivation for the month of September with the theme of Achieving Goals. I think it will be a good motivator AND a boost of morale, which  I am pleading for:)

3. I found some AMAZING critique partners!!! I am thrilled with their suggestions, thus far, and the writing samples I have read from each lady has been stupendous! Woopty Doo!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

For the Weekend

As you head into the weekend, here's something for you to think about. As a writer, many times it's hard to focus on anything but my manuscripts. Or the writing industry in general. Sometimes it's nice to get away from anything writing and rest. Just think about other things.

Really, I don't do that very often. Sure, my mind can focus n other "things" when needed, like homework help with the children or conversations with family and friends. I'm not talking about those times. I'm talking about when my mind is free to think about whatever I want. Always, well almost always, my mind loves to dream about my characters.

What about you? Do you find you can't stop thinking about your writing? If so, how to you drag yourself away?

Enjoy your break this weekend!
Photo from the Graphics fairy via here on earth

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Query in a Wordle

It's cool! It's neat! It's Wordle!!

 Here's my MEMORIES OF ME Query in Wordle form:)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sorry For My Absence

Hello to all my lovely blog readers and followers:)

I am quickly writing a short post (again) to let everyone know I am sorry for th elack in my social networking this past week.

I have been really, super busy. Who isn't, right?

I am taking three separate workshops, and participating in three different contests.

I have been critiquing a couple new CP's work and trying to respond to their suggestions and advice in my own manuscripts or queries.

I have an agent who requested a partial of one of my manuscripts, so I spent a day reading and editing, which I had already done, but wanted to double check my work before sending. Would you believe I found FIVE typos AFTER I hit the send button. I am anguishing over that.

Then I am dealing with the start of school.

And of course the moving-to-a-new-house-new-state issue. That hasn't made much progression.

Then I have life in general: cleaning, cooking, and life.

So, I've been a tad busy and my social networking has suffered for it. I promise, all you beautiful bloggers whom I read after and faithfully follow, that I will be back in the saddle soon and back to commenting and sending out some of that blogging love:)

Thanks for reading my blog anyway, even though it may seem like I am ignoring you.

I miss everyone:(

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We Do Write Pitch Contest

Hey Everyone!

Have you heard about the Three Two One Pitch Contest over at We Do Write? If not, you might want to run over and take a look. Today is the last day to pitch your book.

Dorothy Dreyer is the host!

Literary agent Bree Ogden  of D4EO Lit will judge and pick a winner.

If you have manuscript ready that matches Bree's genre, now a great opportunity to get your work in front of the amazing agent!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Never Give Up: Part 3

Where do you go after you introduce the character and the conflict? Well, that thing you need it the choice. What are the chices your MC has to make? Is there a multitude of choices? Does the choice he or she needs to make come with consequences? Tell us about the choice your MC needs to make.

Here is my last paragraph:

To unlock the powers for the book, River connects with some underground forces who promise they have the answers she need. The choice comes at a high price for Shae. Now River must choose between finding her own identity or doing what is right for Shae. Or, she can search for the answer that will save them both.

I know. Mine is way too vague. I need to be more precise. More detailed. And it would be an obvious choice to try and help out both girls, wouldn't it? So my "hanger" isn't very compelling.

What about you? How's your query? Does it match up to the outlines given by Matt? Have you changed yours? Let me know!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Never Give Up: Part Two

You may read part one here!

Now, if you have your first paragraph written and have included your main MC, a splattering of backstory without being boring and ended with the inciting moment, you are ready for paragraph TWO! yay!

Here we go. In the 2nd paragraph, Matt instructs us to add the conflict and mix it with a little of the setting details. Add in a bit of the stakes involved and AVOID cliches. Accomplish this, and you are 2/3 finished with your query. Woot, woot!

Here is my 2nd paragraph:

The Book steals memories when placed in the wrong hands. Shae Conniers thought she had swiped a cool looking journal but it ends up she gotten nothing but trouble. The powers of the Book sound intriguing to Shae but when the memories swirling around her head turn scary, she's glad the memories lead her to River so she can rid herself of the nightmare memories. Although the girls personality clash big time, they know they must unite to fight the powers of the Book. River has the Book back, why hasn't her memories returned?

Right away, I see there is no setting details and really, there is no conflict. It's more "story" than conflict. I have the consequences River will face, along with others involved. But no conflict and no STAKES. NO SETTING.

What conflict does River face?  What are her stakes? What kind of setting does River's story include?

Time for revise! Let's do it!

Okay, River's conflict is is huge. There is way to much she must overcome. Let me list them.

The powers of the Book are strong 
Others are after the book, too
River is loosing her identity and therefore her memory
She gets sidetracked trying to help Shae

So, this is a good start.

For the setting:
This is really many. Because the places River travels to are varied. So I need to nail down a description of the magical, mystical land in which she lives and travels to. Hmmm...

Any suggestions would be much appreciated while I go rewrite this paragraph from scratch...


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Never. Give. Up... Never!

I want to begin this new post with a quote I recently discovered. The original post and interview of this fabulous author can be found here at Christi Corbett's Blog.

“Do your thing. Do what you love. If you want it badly enough, you’ll find the time to put in the necessary work to make it shine.” author Moriah Densley.

I was encouraged when I read her interview the other day, and this quote seemed like a flashing sign of hope. Almost like one of those signs you see in Las Vegas. If I want it badly enough, I will find a way to make it work. Never. Give. Up. Never.

Then, after reading the critiques on WriteOnCon, I just felt deflated. I NEEDED those remarks. I know I needed them. I was ab;e to look at me work through the eyes of others and the insight was pure gold. Be honest with yourself and everyone else. Who WANTS to read remarks about their work that aren't flattering? Even though it's helpful and informative and necessary it still hurts when no one says, "This is really good. Nice work."

THEN, I read here, just this morning, and my flame was reignited!! Matt went through the same thing I am going through. He posted his query, didn't get good feedback, asked some friends to read through his query for feedback and found most were too busy at the moment. But he didn't quit. Discouraged? Yes! But he Never. Gave. Up. and it paid off for him:)

So, in preparation for query school critiques next week, today, tomorrow and Saturday will be dedicated to Matt's advice and breakdown of a good query. I hope that next week my query will pass with flying colors by the time the week is up. What about you? Do you need help and advice for making your query even better? Then, let's do it!

You can read Matt's complete article here on Unicorn Bell.
He says the first paragraph of the query needs to introduce the main character in an interesting way and finish the first paragraph with the inciting incident.

Who is your main character and why are you writing a story about him or her? What makes this MC interesting, that I would want to read about him or her?

My MC is River Morgan. She knows how to erase other peoples memories. She was taught by her grandfather to erase memories. She is a member of the Healers. Erasing memories is a unique field of medical physicians who are physiologists. Those who were traumatized, say by abuse, memories of war and other terrible events can have their memories erased in order to ease the hurt caused by the memories. Her grandfather has decided it was time to teach her the art of erasing memories because the Takers are hot on his heals. Grandfather wants to protect River and unknown to River, he erases River memory of who she really is and who her family is. River's family are the only ones who know everything you need to know about memories. It's been handed down through generations. It's been recorded in a book. The memories must be written down when they are erased because it's a written record of the truth. Also, the Healer who erases the memories is only protected from the atrocities of the horrible memories they have erased when they write them down. If the book ever leaves the healers hands, the memories will haunt the Healer until the Great Hǣlan healed him or her. (the Great Hǣlan is River Grandfather. (He, by the way, left clues in the book as to who River really is and who he is and her family) Just as River begins her lessons, her grandfather disappears. Thief Takers have been chasing the Healers for years trying to get their hands on the ability to erase memories. What would happen if the President no longer remembered he was president? What about someone who discovered a cure for cancer? If they forgot what they did, it would of no use to them or to the ones who needed it.

You can't put all that into the opening paragraph of your query! So, what do you put? How do you introduce River and her inciting incident? Here is what I have rewritten so far. It's only the first paragraph.

For her sixteenth birthday, River's grandfather gave her a Memory Book and taught her how to erase other people's memories. To keep the memories from becoming her own she must write them in the Book. When the Memory Book is stolen, River is no longer able to tell the difference between her memories and those she's wiped away. Unless she can find the Book, her identity will be lost forever.

Fire away people! What can I do to make this BETTER? According to my Spell Check, I have 25% passive writing. I don't like passive writing. Someone mentioned I need more active voice and I agree 100%. So I am going back to the drawing board to see what I can do about that.

And if you feel up to it, post your first paragraph in the comments and let me know how you used Matt's formula and advice for improving your query!

photo by Free Digital Photos

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How Do You Know When It's Time To Quit?

After sweating and crying and researching and WRITING, how do you know when what you've got needs to be put up? Forgotten? Shoved under the bed or even burned?

How many times can you hear the words "No thanks" or "Please try another agent" or "This is really not very good and it doesn't draw me in at all."

How do you improve your manuscript so that you don't feel like giving up?
How do you make it amazing?

Grrrrr. Sniff. Sniff.

Now, that *that* is out of my system (cracks knuckles and picks up a brand new pen. Yes. I love to write. Not type.)

Would you like to see my most recent query from my newest manuscript????

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Query Work

Hey everyone!
Anyone else working on a query letter?
I've been rewriting mine with little results. I think I need to just scratch what I have and start a new one. Trying to revise the old one only keeps the old stuff in there.
I'm posting the most recent revise. What do you all think?

Here it is:

River Morgan received an extraordinary gift for her sixteenth birthday. Her grandfather gave her a Memory Book and taught her how to erase memories. To keep the memories from becoming her own she must write them in the Memory Book. When the Book is stolen, River is no longer able to tell the difference from her memories from those she's wiped away. Unless she finds the Memory Book, her identity will be lost forever.

The Book becomes a memory stealing book when placed in the wrong hands. Shae Conniers thought she had swiped a cool looking journal but it ends up she gotten nothing but trouble. The powers of the Book sound intriguing to Shae but when the memories swirling around her head turn scary, she's glad the memories lead her to River so she can rid herself of the nightmare memories. Although the girls personality clash big time, they know they must unite to fight the powers of the Book. River has the Book back, why hasn't her memories returned?

To unlock the powers for the book, River connects with some underground forces who promise they have the answers she need. The choice comes at a high price for Shae. Now River must choose between finding her own identity or doing what is right for Shae. Or, she can search for the answer that will save them both.

SOUL DRIVER is a YA Historical Fantasy mash-up of Sleeping Beauty and The Shadowy One, a Celtic myth, and is complete at 60,000 words.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Jesse Holder Book Tour!

Jesse Holder
Chutes, Beer, & Bullets
Not Your Grandpa's War Story


Chutes, Beer, & Bullets: Not Your Grandpa's War Story is a humor filled narrative that takes place during the peak of The War on Terror. Follow Jesse is this uncut and unscripted adventure as he leads you through United States Army Airborne School, Europe, and ultimately to Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Chutes, Beer, & Bullets is assured to have you laughing, sighing, looking away, and possibly even shedding a tear as you connect with the real life characters within. No doubt you will be longing for more as you turn the final page.

Author Reading (okay. You really need to use your imagination here, as if Jesse were REALLY reading to you!!)


            The door of the C-130 Hercules flew upwards as the hot Georgia air poured into my nervous lungs. The continuous bump of the aircraft was not helping the situation...the sting of diesel nipping at my nostrils. The Black Hat yelled, "Thirty-Seconds," holding up his index finger and thumb. We all replied "thirty-seconds" as was taught to us for the past three weeks. I could feel my right hand tighten around the yellow rip cord. The only thought circulating through my head since I hooked up was, "Is the yellow cord really going to open this parachute that some nut packed?" This was by all means a new experience.
            "Standby!" the Black Hat barked, and the number one jumper turned to face the rustling Georgia Pines, p****** his pants as he did so...the Black Hat stepped back. I was the #4 jumper, or the fourth person that would jump from the plane. I was just close enough to the door to see the ground zipping by. The planes altitude hit 1,200ft and all I could think was, "What ** *** **** am I doing here?" "Green light go!" The Black Hat responds in a roar, and like ducks following a seemingly retarded mother, we all exited the aircraft.
            What I confused for the wrath of God was actually the prop blast from our C-130, throwing my ragged body through the air much like your cat does with a cheap toy. I felt my T-10 Parachute opening, "Praise the Lord!" too bad Jesus didn't warn me of the opening shock on my gonads. The straps dug into my legs, and the risers were twisted behind my head. As I am bicycle kicking through the open air to untangle my straps, I see the Georgia clay approaching with terrifying speed. Which way am I supposed to pull the risers again? As I am looking toward the horizon, I hear my 1st Lieutenant yell in agony accompanied by a sickening pop, which was his femur snapping. I try not to focus on the ground, staying as loose as possible. Feet and knees together! Then, as if the entire world is quiet except for the breeze though the pines...I hit like a ton of bricks thrown from the Empire State Building. Hey that was easy; only four more jumps, and I'm a paratrooper!

Jesse is giving away 3 copies of his book! Go ahead and sign up for it! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Mishap and Retribution Blog Tour

This will be the most unusual blog tour I have ever done. Why? Because when I lost my computer to the spilled coffee I lost some files and lost a lot of time. I could list all the other bits and pieces of my unpleasant news - sick babies, daddy in hospital - but I don't want this post to be about me. I want it to be about...

Mishap and Retribution by M.M. Shelley!

So, I am making a list. Yes, a list. I'm going to tell you as much about Mishap and Retribution as I can with a list of some of the most memorable words from the book. I am writing out 20 items from this book that will give you just enough information to make you sit back and say, "What? Really? I want to read this!" I hope you will leave me a comment and let me know if I piqued your interest. If so, then I've done my job well in this most unusual blog tour yet!

Let's Get Started!

lightening bolt traveling
lavender fields
shattered crystal
jewel like stones with healing powers
giant tusks
rabid dogs
stone hut
shape shifting

About the Author:

M.M. Shelley is a storyteller, word smith and dreamer. She has traveled the world extensively in search of the magic which is often overlooked in every day life. M.M. Shelley is a native of southern California, and a student of mythology from which she gets much inspiration.

Author web links:

(I sincerely apologize this blog tour was lacking.)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

I missed yesterday's post! Poohy!

Today is what are my plans for the summer?

Well, I'll be moving. Sound exciting, huh?
I will say this. We are buying a log cabin and the decorating will be an open canvas. The previous owners had started remodeling, but sold it before they could finish. The new buyers wanted the chance to fix it up to their tastes, so it was sold as is. Those owners couldn't afford the new payments, so it went back on the market and my family was the lucky buyer.

I will be spending the last days of summer moving (23 hours from my family:()
Decorating and painting.
Unpacking boxes.

And various other activities associated with moving.

Yay for my new house!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Keep Working and Write It...

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success...                                    Napoleon Hill

Boy Who Dreams Book Tour!

Who doesn't love a good dream? Right?
What about nightmares? Or dreams that haunt you?

The Boy Who Dreams by M Cesar will keep you up at night, wondering what your dreams may be. And today, you have the chance to win a free copy! That's right. And today, there are FIVE books going to FIVE lucky people! What do you have to do to win your own copy?

Comment! Say hi! Ask a question. Anything! Just comment!

 Here. I'll give you something to comment about. I have a fantastic interview from Cesar and I think you will love the answers as much as I did!

1. What message do you hope readers take away from the book?
I would hope that readers simply enjoy the book and that perhaps their eyes might be opened to some of the topics which the book delves into such as dream interpretation.

2. What is your favorite scene?
Oh so hard just to pick one. Right now the one that springs to mind is when Jordan and his friends are at Mark’s house, and he and Louise are sat alone on the sofa working out what one of his dreams mean by the interpretation book he bought. He is obviously distracted by Louise and her beauty but once the meaning of the dream starts to come together his attention turns, and once the final interpretation is done, he has tears in his eyes cause it is that moment he realises that he could have saved his brother’s life.

3. If you had a chance to rewrite, is there anything about your book you would change?
No I don’t think that I would change a single thing, I am a bit of a perfectionist and spent so much time working on this book that if it’s not perfect by now then it never will be!

4. Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?
Oh most definitely it has elements of my real life experiences, one scene in particular where they visit a haunted graveyard at night, that is based upon a real event except the location was elsewhere than mentioned in the book, but the drawing of that place is based upon the real life experience I had. In a way there is a sense of reality throughout the book, drawing into it real places and real beliefs and even some history.

5. Tell us about your favorite character in this book!
Ok, in Boy who dreams, it is centred around a character called Jordan. I liked creating him as he is quite normal in the way that he is quite different. As a teen, he is uncertain about life and lacks confidence with girls, but he is open minded, soaking up information like a sponge. As spiritual stuff bears its weight down on him, he accepts it rather than being a skeptic, and yes inside of him is the possibility to be a great leader.

6. What type of hero do you like best?
I think the type that has to make sacrifices in order to triumph against the obstacles that he faces.  He should be accidental, lucky and open minded, and perhaps not so clever with female characters that are near him.

7. What type of heroine do you like best?
I think that she would have to have beauty, quirks but also intelligence that can surprise and yet confuse the male characters.  In order to triumph she must surprise those characters but also impress herself.

8. Is there any place and time in the world and in history that you would like to visit?
Yes there are so many events I would love to go back to and see, but most of all, to go to a place where a man could just pick a piece of land build his own house and live free of mortgage or other bills (cause humans hadn’t invented bills yet).

9. What appeals to you most about your chosen genre?
I don’t actually stick to writing in one genre, I guess that I am experimenting with various genres to see which I like the best but so far, I like them all, YA fiction was tougher than the other genres I wrote as it took a lot of effort to ensure that the language and dialogue suited the target audience, but I still enjoyed making those amendments.

10. Do you have a favorite author? Who and why?
I actually read a lot and I find always that my favourite books tend to be in the YA fiction/fantasy genre, and there are some great series out there such as the Harry Potter Series, Jake West Series by M.J. Webb, The Dragoneers Saga by M.R. Mathias just to mention a few.  I can’t pick a favourite!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nightfall Blog Tour

It's so nice to have P.W. Creighton with me today! He is the author of Nightfall and he has agreed to answer a few questions about his secret life of a PERSON. Now, I'm sure this is something that a few people forget when think of a star: They are humans, just like you!

Here we go! Question and answer time with PW!

Ink: Tell us, PW. where were you born?

PW: I was born in the sunny state of California.

Ink: Wow! That's a long way from where you live now. New York is like another world compared to California.

PW: I know. And in between, I've lived in Vermont and Tennessee.

Ink: So you've had you fair share of traveling. What are some things you have accomplished?

PW: I went to college and earned my Bachelors in Folklore Anthropology, Archaeology and Art Studio. Of course, my writing and publishing is an accomplishment. I've also had some of my work in in TV documentaries and displayed in 'art galleries.

Ink: That is most interesting! Your accomplishments certainly deserve a pat on the back! (pat, pat) A really fascinating degree! Sounds like a busy college life.

PW: Yea, I loved college so much I decided to go back and get my MSEd as a Communications Specialists in Media Productions.

Ink: Really? So you are a well rounded, educated guy! Besides writing, what are a few of your favorite hobbies and pastimes?

PW: I love rock climbing. Sailing if high on my list of favorites, too. I've had my fair share of photography enjoyment as well as videography.

Ink: Lovely interests. you book, Nightfall, is about an investigator. Any connections you might have that would enhance you writing the details?

PW: Well, Ink, I AM an investigator. I guess my personal knowledge added to my writing craft.

Thank you so much, PW for being with us here at Ink in the Book today!

The Kindness Act

What do you do to be kind to others?
Kindness is often over looked because too many people are hyped up on crudeness. That's right. It's true. Who needs a smile or a hug? Why not throw them a smart remark?

NO! I say be kind!

I just received a message from my mom who told me my daddy has been admitted tot he hospital. He went in for a regular check up and his blood pressure was too high to let him go home. They admitted him at once and have given him meds to stabilize his irregular heart beat and bring his blood pressure down.

I live 23 hours away.

What has this got to do with being kind? I don't know.  I was posting the KINDNESS ACT post and this is what came out.

I have received messages of friends and family who are at home supporting my mom. She needs hugs, prayers and support and they are reaching out to her when I can't be there for her. So, this is kindness at it's best. I'm not the one offering it (at the moment) but others are. And this, my friend is selfless kindness when needed most.

Favorite Inspirations?

Isn't it wonderful when you don't "need" inspiration? When writing comes like summer breeze on a hot day, the world is a sweet place.

What about the times you would rather have a root canal than write? When inspiration is miles away and left you standing in the middle of no where. Your muse flew the coup with your creativity and she laughed at you the whole time you were pleading for her stay.

Those days cal for desperation, don't they? Or do they? Hmmmm.... Yes, I guess they do.

What do you do? Where do your ideas come from? How do you capture your muse and make her talk? Make her write.

Is it art?


EXCUSE THE MESS HERE. What inspires me is finding a new template! I'm searching for one now so if things look mismatched or out of place, it's because I am experimenting!!

How about a few pictures?
Check out these lovely photos: Very unique and inspiring!

Flickr Commons

Flickr Commons

Monday, August 6, 2012


Good afternoon lovely readers!
Obstacles. We all face them. Sometimes we stand and state, mouth agape, no voice, tear stained eyes. Sometimes we fall in despair. Sometimes we look for a way over and march forward.

What do you do? Tell me, dear readers, what do you do when life gives you lemons?

Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to make better lemonade with the obstacles I'm facing:)

Question #2

What obstacles have you faced lately?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Insecure Writers Group

Today, my feelings are mixed. On one hand, I've faced more rejection and that's not easy to write about or admit to the world. But I am not crying in my "milk" (no beer, folks:) I want to, but what good would it do???

I received a detailed critique from a "Best First Line" contest. The critique was the best I have ever received and seriously opened my eyes to "how" to improve my writing. Nice!

Speaking of critiques, I am still looking for a critique partner. If anyone is looking back, please let me know and we can swap info.

I'm sending off a YA query letter and first pages to 3 agents this week. Wish me luck. This will be the first time I have directly contacted and agent with a query. Yes, I'm nervous, so I'm saying again, WISH ME LUCK!!!

CQ Carnival: Amy Fecteau's Blood Drive

A blood drive? At a carnival? Why not? When characters in certain books need to raise the awareness for the need of blood donations, what better place to host a blood drive?

Or booth's host name is Quinn. He is a character out Lisa Fecteau's novel, published by Curiosity Quills.

In case you are wondering, he's a Roman Soldier!!!! He's rather, er, different I guess you could say. And it was all his idea to host a blood drive. I'm not for sure who or what organization he's collecting for, but I'm sure it will all be for a good cause. If you want to know more, hop on over to CQ headquarters and get Amy's book!!

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And so for this blood drive, you really won't be giving blood. But please, give a piece of advice. Any type of writing advice. You're a writer, right? I'm sure you have some kind of advice for new writers, or seasoned writers, too. After all, a writer never stops learning!

Let's have a successful blood drive. What are you going to donate???

Bucaaneer Blog Fest: Wk 4 Day 11

It's giveaway day here on the Buccaneer Blogfest, and I have the CQ giveaway ready for you:). Enjoy! and Good Luck!!

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