Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!

Hi everyone :)

I hope the holidays are treating everyone well! I just wanted to stop by really quick to wish everyone a Happy New Year. 2014 is closing in and I for one am happy to see 2013 go. I know Talynn and I both have great goals for 2014, but instead of listing ours, I wanted to hear yours! So tell me, what are your goals for 2014? Have a draft to finish? Are you ready to start querying? Tell us :)

Happy New Year everyone!


Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Celebrations

Hey beautiful guys and dolls!

What's your favorite holiday traditions? I love this time of year, more than any other season. I love the

the fireplace
presents and gift wrap
Christmas movies (yes, the cheesy ones too!)
hot chocolate and marshmellows
Christmas tress
church skits and school plays
warm, fuzzy socks
Christmas books


What about you? Please let me know what you look forward to the most!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Post-Revision Wordle

**I forgot to link to their website. The link for Wordle is

Hi everyone! Jess here J A few months back I did a post on Wordle and how I was using it for revising my WIP. I wanted to do a follow-up post regarding it now that I’ve finished revisions. Without going over everything from that old post, here’s a quick summary.

Above is my Wordle pre-revisions. I highlighted my habit and telling words, and went to town on editing them out of my novel. I didn’t quite get all of them out.

Of note:
*”Just” was more commonly used than my mc’s first names. LEGIT!
*said, didn’t, know, was, back

Obviously I had my work set out for me. I present to you know my Wordle post-revisions:

To make it easier to spot the words, here’s a highlighted version:

I still have some issues with telling words, but the biggest, most important difference is that “just” is down to a more reasonable size, which means I’ve edited out a lot of instances of the word. Like. A LOT. The hard part is deciding how often those words are actually used, since Wordle just compares the instances with other words. In either case, I’ve cut out a lot of my old habit words.

Of note:
*”Like”—is probably there for comparison purposes, not teen/YA speak. Will edit out.
*Back, know, didn’t, looked, something, one, got, asked and something— some are telling, some are dialogue/action tags. Again, these can be edited out.

I think I’m still off from where the MS should be, but I’ve made some improvement and that’s awesome. Wordle is an amazing tool, and you should check it out to see what your habit words are! J

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