Monday, April 21, 2014

My tiny rant for the day

I'm a girl.
I like girl things.

I like girl Books.

I like girl clothing.
I like girl toys.

I do girl things.
I am a girl.

I'm proud of it.
I'm happy about it.

Stop making a big deal about it. Be yourself, but stop trying to change me.
Girls and boys are different.
And that's okay.

Why is there such a huge deal about "Books for Girls" and "Books for Boys?" ?????
There can and Should be "books for girls" and "books for boys." Why can't girls just read the "books for boys" and boys read "books for girls?"

End of rant.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pitch Workshop Final Day

Hello all you beautiful guys and dolls! Today is the day! It's the final day of the workshop here on my blog. The good news is Jessica Schmeidler a.k.a. The Write Shadow and host of #JustPitchIt pitch party, will be finishing the workshop over on her AMAZING blog! Trust me guys, she offers great feedback and you'll be so happy to have her input and advice. She's the bomb with this!

After much discussion with Jessica S, she decided it would be better for her if the workshop was moved over to her blog. It's been difficult for her to visit my blog. Her schedule is out the roof crazy, in a good way, and she feels it would be easier for her if the pitches were on her blog with easier access for her.

It's been fun this week, hasn't it? I've enjoyed having yo all on my blog and I hope the tips I offered this week helped you hone your ideas and tighten your ideas for what to include in a Twitter pitch. Stories are always three dimensional and it's really hard to whittle them down to a sparse 140 character description. Knowing what to include and how to say it is crucial for a successful Twitter pitch!

Thank you all for participating. If you would like your graphic/bookmark I created for prizes, please email at

ink in the book at g mail dot com (no spaces)

Feel free to use these graphics on your blog/website, as in email signature, or printed as a business card or bookmark, or any other type of author swag you'd like. I just need the title of your book and your author name, if you want that included on the graphic.

See you later, guys!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pitch Workshop: Part 3

Hey everyone! So, today's the last day of instruction, and I'll post an example from my own writing to show you how I put it all together to make a Twitter pitch on tomorrow.  And give you an opportunity to post your pitch and get feedback. Also, on Friday, I'll be giving away a free bookmark graphic for all participates. After your feedback tomorrow, I'll invite Jessica from The Write Shadow here on Friday to give you a last chance feedback opportunity on your polished pitches.

Thank you ALL for participating!

Now, the last questions to answer!

We're talking about stakes today. I want you to think about stakes, both good and bad.

First, what happens if your MC fails? If she doesn't achieve her goal, what consequences befall her?

Second, what happens if she DOES succeed? Will she have to sacrifice something in order to win? What does winning cost her?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A to Z Challenge

I'm so sorry to make this announcement. I truly feel terrible about signing up for the month long challenge and not being able to participate and visit as much as I normally do. I had some unexpected health issues and both my parents have become sick and in need of care. I thought I could carry on and continue as always, but it's been more difficult than I thought it would be.

So, with a heavy heart and broken spirit, I am asking to be taking of the list for the A to Z Challenge. I hope to join again next year and enjoy the entire experience.

Thank you so much, beautiful guys and dolls, for you support and prayers and for visiting my blog. I hope to be back to regular scheduling very, very soon.


Pitch Workshop Part 2

Ok beautiful guys and dolls! Today, I want you to tell me 4 things.

1. Tell me about the setting in your book.
    Be specific and creative. Be unique:) For instance, don't just say, the park, the school, the nursing home. What kind of park? Don't just say the house next door, Tell me the abandoned house, or the nasty neighbor house.

2. Who is the enemy of your MC?

3. What is the inciting incident? What propels your MC to start his/her journey? If you can throw in an adjective, that's even better. Example: Tragic car crash, Scary lunchroom incidnet...

4. What does your MC need to do in order to succeed? Start a petition? Run for help? Control his powers? Go into hiding?

For today, just answer these questions, just like yesterday.

Please know I am here and will answer any questions and offer feedback by tomorrow. I've been sick and have had doctors appointments that were complete unexpected. After today, I should be free to interact much more.
Thanks, guys!