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Ink in the Book began 3 1/2 years ago as a blog to help and and encourage new writers. We host mini workshops and offer writing tips and advice that sharpen writers crafts. Get your ink on paper! It's the only way you'll write that book:)

Talynn    @TalynnL 
inkinthebook @ gmail.com

Talynn is a stay at home mom of six kids. She's been writing for twenty plus years, has taught creative writing and tutored children of all ages. When not writing she can be found reading, editing, and critiquing other writers manuscripts. She's also been a children's book editor, marketing publicist, ghostwriter for celebrity, and an intern at three literary agencies and two small independent presses, and hopes one day soon to become a literary agent. She enjoys finding new talent through the slush pile and helping new authors reach their dream and achieve their goals.

For now, she interns for Sally Apokedak and Alicia Justice.

Her favorite genres are historical, fantasy, and contemporary. It's no surprise these are her favorite genres to write as well.

PS. Talynn here! I wanted to mention my experience in graphic designs. I started creating graphics for newsletters and logos and business card templates. After getting requests for picture book graphics for a celebrity chef, I expanded my graphic business. I've been freelancing graphics since 2010. 


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