Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nightfall Blog Tour

It's so nice to have P.W. Creighton with me today! He is the author of Nightfall and he has agreed to answer a few questions about his secret life of a PERSON. Now, I'm sure this is something that a few people forget when think of a star: They are humans, just like you!

Here we go! Question and answer time with PW!

Ink: Tell us, PW. where were you born?

PW: I was born in the sunny state of California.

Ink: Wow! That's a long way from where you live now. New York is like another world compared to California.

PW: I know. And in between, I've lived in Vermont and Tennessee.

Ink: So you've had you fair share of traveling. What are some things you have accomplished?

PW: I went to college and earned my Bachelors in Folklore Anthropology, Archaeology and Art Studio. Of course, my writing and publishing is an accomplishment. I've also had some of my work in in TV documentaries and displayed in 'art galleries.

Ink: That is most interesting! Your accomplishments certainly deserve a pat on the back! (pat, pat) A really fascinating degree! Sounds like a busy college life.

PW: Yea, I loved college so much I decided to go back and get my MSEd as a Communications Specialists in Media Productions.

Ink: Really? So you are a well rounded, educated guy! Besides writing, what are a few of your favorite hobbies and pastimes?

PW: I love rock climbing. Sailing if high on my list of favorites, too. I've had my fair share of photography enjoyment as well as videography.

Ink: Lovely interests. you book, Nightfall, is about an investigator. Any connections you might have that would enhance you writing the details?

PW: Well, Ink, I AM an investigator. I guess my personal knowledge added to my writing craft.

Thank you so much, PW for being with us here at Ink in the Book today!


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  2. Thanks for having me over today. I think you nabbed a spammer comment above me though... ^

    1. First one ever, I do believe:(
      Thanks for the coming over! Yo are an amazing author and your writing is fabulous:)

  3. Thank you, I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Nightfall after reading ;-)

  4. Great interview! PW is impressively well rounded.

    I also nabbed myself a spammer comment earlier today - I think from the same guy - only he called himself "james bond" on my site. Ha! He must be making the rounds.

    1. I saw that Kimberly!
      PW's book is amazing. It's a great thriller-sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of book. You will enjoy it I'm sure!


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