Friday, October 26, 2012

EVER and Frankie (get out of the way, Toby!)

My name's Frankie. And I'm just a regular guy. 
Well, except for the whole ghost thing, I guess.
I've been a bystander for far too long, trapped in this ghostly shell for the past two years. I've decided it’s time to make myself known and set some things into motion.

Evil lurks in the shadows.  

And not just any evil. 

It’s disguised as that slick talking, good-looking Toby James ... the new kid next door.

Guys,(and girls!) today is my day to host EVER's blog tour for Jessa!

So, I must confess, technical difficulties beyonf my control, are preventing my creative endeavors from showing off here on my blog:(

I will keep trying through out the day to right the wrongs of this crazy, high-tech wonders we call computers, but sometimes, they get the better of me and THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT:(

Just for the record, in case I can not figure things out:


We've read A Christmas Carol together!

We've watched Ghost together!

And our favorite song is Wherever I Go

Buy EVER today!!

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  1. So sorry for technical difficulties! :( But I LOVE that bit there at the top. Really compelling!


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