Sunday, October 7, 2012

October Challenge: Age 7

On River's seventh birthday, she remembers an extravagant celebration. She didn't understand why this birthday was so special, she just remembered her mother said it would be the grandest affair ever.

There were seven flavors of cake and seven gifts. Her favorite gift was an elaborate set of writing tools. There were pens, and ink, and special ingrediants so that she could create her own ink. And a lovely book for practicing special writing in with her new ink. Her Grandfather told her to take special care of the book and learn to write with beautiful handwriting.

Another favorite gift was a fancy fan with a lovely twisted silk rope and tassel attached. Her Grandfather had painted a beautiful picture with the special ink. He promised to explain the meaning of the picture when the time was right for her to understand.

But the memory is vague and she lost the book and fan sometime ago.

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