Thursday, October 18, 2012

Teen Read Week!!! Blog Tour

So, for this blog tour, I am to tell you a little bit about myself, a little about my blog and then give you a little info about a great teen book!

For me, I am a mother of six beautiful children.
We all love books, What more needs to be said?
I have passed on my love for writing to 2 of my daughters. One is an contributor and editor for an online magazine and the other is a brilliant, creative and awesome story writer (uh, story writer?)

I am a writer. Yes, I said it!!!

I'm a writer!!! YAY!! I hope to be published one day very soon:)

My blog was created to encourage other writers, to instill creativity and inspiration to all who read and hopefully offer a few smiles to everyone who passes through my blogoshere.

My book review for Teen Week is not really a book review, but I would like to encourage teen readers to be careful when choosing what you check out from the library. The teen years are very impressible times. For those who are serious about reading, you can become what you read. Therefore, I highly recommend to choose your favorite books based on good characters, moral values and books that inspire to you to be the best you can be.

This may not be something you came here to read, but I hope you take my advice and ponder what I am saying.

As for those who write YA books, remember, you can have a huge impact on the readers of your book. What kind of message will they take away from YOUR writing?


  1. So true. I want to write amazing books, but I want them to be books I'd let my children read (though they are 4 and 2, so it'll be a while). Wow, Six kids!! It sounds like some aren't kids anymore though :)

    I've got a MG fantasy that was inspired by the 40 days of temptation of Christ. I shelved it to work on my memoir, but am going back to clean it up/edit (though I don't think I'll query it). I'd be more than happy to send it to your kids if you're looking for something clean for your youngins to read :) what are their ages? The MS is a boy book with the MCs ages 12.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog :)

    1. Well, my son is 9? Close enough to 12? And based on the 40 days of temptation? Sounds like a totally unique book! I'd love to let me kiddo's take a peek:)

  2. I talked about similar issues on my blog recently. The messages we send to children and young people. I agree we have a responsibility in our writing. 6 kids Ink, no wonder you are a busy lady! Have a fun weekend :)


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