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Write Your Own Story Contest

UPDATE: According to my blog stats, I have have a ton of people visit this page but there haven't been very many entries. I am wondering if maybe the word count is too high? So, if you are interested in entering the contest, please go ahead. Write however much you would like to add to the pot. If your entry is long enough to add a new element to the story and it makes sense, that will be fine. Thanks guys! Happy writing:)

Things are off to a great start and today, THE CONTEST begins! It is quite simple, really. Visitors get the chance to Build Their Own Story right in the comment section below. That's right, friends:) This contest is open until Wednesday June 13, 2012, so there is plenty of time to get your creative juices flowing. Your entry should be about 250 words and it should be based on the previous entry. Katherine is our heroine, so the first entry is based on her, taken partly from the first line of Linn's The Quintessential Gemini

Please, please, PLEASE contribute, as I will be presenting Linn with a special mini-book at the end of her blog tour made from the entries. Are you ready to write?

And don't forget, a random commenter will receive a FREE copy of Linn's book at the end of our virtual blog tour!

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Finding herself lying flat on her back on the kitchen floor, Katherine...


  1. looked around the tiny room that had been her home for the past month. Barely large enough for two beds, a table, and a few trunks, she would not miss the cramped quarters.
    The sunlight filtered through the windows playing with patterns on the ceiling. Standing to her feet, Katherine drew in a deep breath and gently slapped her hands on her hips.
    “Noleen, I am ready. Is everything packed?” she asked, although she already knew the room was empty.
    “Yes, miss. I have given the cupboards another look and everything is for sure empty. We timed it just right. Here comes Mr. Jackson now.”
    Katherine shielded her eyes from above her brows to block the bright morning sun for a better view. Jackson approached the garden gate carrying a large, brown paper package. What had he wasted their money on this time?
    “Good morning, my kitten. I have brought you something. I think you will like very much.”
    “Jackson, you know how much I love surprises. But we barely have enough money for food. I could have done without this wonderful surprise,” she said as Jackson handed her the package and kissed her cheek.
    “No, my love. This surprise will prove very useful in a few weeks. You must look your absolute best as we travel.”
    Katherine knew she was loved! Jackson spoiled her for no reason other than he loved her. That thought brought a smile to her lips and she could not contain her excitement. Stepping inside the little room she called home, she quickly untied the string wrapped around the paper. The packaging fell to the floor as Katherine held up a...

  2. blue colored dress. The sleeves edged in a soft lace with matching trim around the neckline.
    “Oh, Jackson! It truly is lovely! I will feel like a queen traveling in this. But you really should not have spent money on a frivolous dress when it would have been better used for food!” she said teasingly.
    Noleen could not help but feel jealous. How she wished for someone to dote on her like Jackson did on Katherine. She quickly pushed aside her feelings and hugged Katherine. “But miss! You deserve to be pampered! Enjoy your blessings for the moment.”
    Katherine cocked her head sideways and raised one eyebrow. Noleen could feel her eyes boring a hole right through her. Was her jealousy that noticeable? She must do better in the future or Katherine would give her the boot, and she really needed this job.
    "Katherine, dear, let me help you change your dress. That blue color will spark your eye color ever so beautiful."
    "I appreciate your offer, sweet Noleen. But i can manage myself," she said with a half smile on her lips.

  3. "Have you given any more thought to my warning?" Noleen asked.
    "Don't tell me you think a blue dress is somehow a bad omen. Not everything is, you know."
    Noreen busied herself collecting the wrapping from the package. Katherine didn't need to see her face to know she had on her "all knowing" expression.
    "Tell me again," Katherine said, "what exactly do you think will happen if I make this trip with Jackson?"

  4. “I’m sure I don’t know precisely, miss,” Noleen docilely answered, her eyes to the floor. “I only wish for you to be cautious.”
    Katherine could not keep the slight smile from her lips, “Caution is typically something that I throw to the wind when I’m around Jackson. But thank you for your concern, Noleen.”
    Without another look and the barest thought of her dear maid, Katherine threw open her door and twirled to the sound of applause and joyful exclamation.
    “I was right, that dress is perfect for you,” Jackson crossed the room to take her hand and kiss it. “Do you like it?”
    “Jackson, my darling, I love it. But it looks to be at least a few days’ worth of meals.”
    “Nonsense! It was a steal,” Jackson’s grin seemed to touch his eyes. “Besides now you can enter New Orleans in the style.” He spun her around to a dance only he heard music too. “Wait until you see it, kitten. The music, the shopping.”
    “The food,” Katherine replied pointedly but not unkindly.
    “The world will be at our feet, once business picks up,” Jackson bent her back and laid a chaste kiss on her lips.
    “Darling, you are a dreamer sometimes. Head in the clouds.” Katherine giggled as he righted her.
    “Perhaps, but that is how most great men start out. Now, come along. We must catch the steamer on time, and I have a very important meeting once we get there.” Jackson grabbed one of her bags with Noleen shaking her head in toe with a trunk.
    “A meeting for what, my darling?”

  5. Wow, some great entries! You are doing an amazing job - thanks so much and to those who have entered. Lxx

  6. 'All in good time, Jackson,' replied Katherine with faux cheer, not meeting his eyes with her own. She hoped he wouldn't press her to expand, now wasn't the time to tell him. To be honest, she wasn't sure if there would ever be a right time.

    Jackson took her hands and turned her to face him. He tipped her chin with his fingers. 'What is it, Katherine? You know you can tell me.'

    Dear, darling Jackson. So perceptive. So intuitive. She took a deep breath before speaking.

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  8. Before Katherine could reply, Noleen cleared her throat. Jackson seemed to pick the wrong time for everything. Delivering news like this would make Katherine's trip miserable. It would be much better if Jackson waited until they had arrived in New Orleans.

    "Miss, let me carry that basket for you. The weather is warm outside and you will need your parasol to shield the sun from your delicate skin. Why take a chance on a relapse now. Isn't that right, Jackson? Katherine doesn't need any more stress placed on her shoulders today, does she?"

    Jackson nodded and walked out the door before Katherine had a chance to look him in the eyes.

    "What was that all about, Noleen?" Katherine asked.

  9. Hey! Is the contest still open? I'd like to enter.

  10. Keep it coming, this is such a fun contest and I can't wait to see your entry ... thanks for joining Ink The Book and myself for a week of pure fun!


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